Friday, February 17, 2017

Snowmageddon, Day Five

During the rare times when Portland actually receives measurable snowfall, it usually melts away by the following day.  However, during this January's big storm, not only did we see a whopping 9 inches of white stuff on the ground, thanks to below-freezing temps, it stuck around for an entire week.

The park is still snow-covered

As I've mentioned in previous posts, the Portland metro area doesn't have a large fleet of snowplows, nor does it use salt to clear the streets.  So the deep snowpack sat on the roads and was quickly compacted into icy ruts.  After two perilous ski trips to the mountain, I'd had my fill of navigating the slippery freeways through town.  By day five, which coincidentally happened to be MLK day, I was ready for this snowfall to be gone.  Although a holiday off from work, I opted to stay home.

Wintry scene

It didn't take long for cabin fever to set in.  (One can only do so much reading and web-surfing after all!)  Desperate for an outdoor fix, I grabbed microspikes and camera and headed into the neighborhood.

Reflections a tiny patch of open water

Although tracked up by numerous visitors, the local park was still quite lovely wearing it's winter white.  An adjacent water-filled drainage ditch also looked better with a coat of snow on the banks.  I even captured a few reflections in it's ice-rimmed waters.

Mossy fence

I continued down the slippery main road (so glad for my microspikes!) to our local recreation center.  This place not only has dozens of sports fields, it also boasts a lovely little natural area on the outskirts. 

Brown seed pods

I discovered some unusual-shaped circular snow patterns on the surface of this icy pond.

Interesting snow patterns on icy pond

This snow-covered creeklet draining the pond was also especially lovely.

Snow-lined creeklet

I had fun trying to capture some of the natural beauty created by snow and ice.

Snowy circle patterns

Even some of the fence posts were sporting a dollop of snow.

Snow-topped fence

Wandering by the ball fields, I spotted this snowman on home plate!

Snowman on home plate!

And tried to capture the sparkle of snow crystals on this field.

Shadows on the snow

Back at home, I noticed several small birds visiting our feeder for lunch.

Hungry birds

The following morning, a setting moon bathed our backyard in lovely light.  Late for work or not, I couldn't resist capturing a few images of the scene.

Early morning moon

A full week later, warming temps and abundant rainfall finally washed our snowmageddon away.  Although it was fun while it lasted, I'd much rather keep the snow up in the mountains where it belongs.


  1. That last shot is a real winner. Amazing set of winter photography.

  2. Hi! I like the snowy circle patterns very much.They look very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well, sometimes it pays to stay home. You found some awesome scenes. Beautiful!

  4. An absolutely gorgeous series of winter photos, Linda! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. It's so pretty - I bet you've had more snow than us this winter.

  6. Beautiful images, Linda, but I wouldn't survive! I love the brown seed pods and the last photo with the moon hanging over the garden. It looks Christmassy!

  7. I also love that last photo! You have a keen eye for the unusual, even in all that snow you got great unique shots! We had the same snow here. I like how you look for the unusual details and not the entire snowy scene as I did.

  8. So if that was Snowmageddon, what would we call our 24" just before Christmas? But once you've got the snow, it's quite a challenge to actually capture the beauty with a camera. Glad you got some serious snow anyway!

  9. Snowmageddon fun!!! It was interesting how much snow hung around so long. We had a bit of it here, nothing like where you live. I enjoyed all your photos. The birds on feeder is cute and so it the last one! It is great to get outdoors and photograph the world in all it's beauty! Happy Weekend!

  10. So glad you got 'cabin fever'. I'd hated to have missed all the beauty you found in your neighbourhood.

  11. Superb snow photography. So pretty Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Hello, it seems like whenever the west coast gets the storms the east coast has none. Maryland has been missing the snow this year. Lovely snowy images. I love the cute birds, snowman and the gorgeous moon capture. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your week ahead!

  13. You seem to have acquired all the snow that we usually get here as it's totally green over the mountains still and its 15c here or 59 Fahrenheit which is ridiculous for mid February in these parts. Nice winter captures.

  14. It's great to have a local woods to visit.

  15. I really like how you can find interesting and beautiful things in just a walk from home.

  16. Your pictures make the snowmaggedon look almost fun! Beautiful photos as usual. :-)

  17. Lovely snowy photos! Imagine that one week and stretch it out for six months:)

  18. I miss snow! I'm going to make a big effort to get up to our ski fields this winter - but I've said that before!

    Nice post.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  19. We really got out fill of snow this winter. For now I hope it just stays in the mountains.

  20. OMG everything in your few posts are frozen, for me who hasn't seen or experienced winter, these are all "öther-worldly"! But they are truly beautiful and incredible. What a world. Keep warm.

  21. Having grown up in the Chicago area, I can appreciate the hardship of snow. But, I have to admit that it does make for some awesome photos!

  22. I'd second that, snow in the mountains is wonderful. Snow in the neighbourhood is fine for a while but the novelty wears off!

  23. you can always find something when you take your camera for a walk.

  24. You really made the snow look interesting in several of these shots. I'm not much of snow fan but I can see the beauty in it. - Loved the snow circles.

  25. This has been a fabulous snow year your way! It looks so beautiful. I could not live ina place that did not have winter and snow as it is a beautiful season in it's own way.


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