2024 Hikes

I don't have any hiking goals for 2024 as of yet.  I just wanted to create this page to record the hike I took on January 1st, before I forget everything.  I'll be back later to fill in the goals (if I have any this year!)

Update --- I've decided to continue this page with the same format at in 2023.  It was kind of nice not to have the pressure of hitting a certain number of hikes, so on this page I'll be recording every hike I take this year, nothing more.  

Hike No. 1 - 1/1/24 - Ecola Point to Indian Beach and Tillamook Head, Ecola State Park, Oregon coast.  First day of a new year and what better way to celebrate than with a hike!  I couldn't get any friends to join me so I covered the trail solo.  Although the skies were sunny when I began, they clouded up and conditions were foggy upon my return.  The trail was super muddy and I made quite a mess of myself.  But it was great to reacquaint myself with the area - it had been many years since I'd hiked both trails.  After a slothful December, I discovered I need to get myself back into shape - this hike totally whupped me!  7.5 miles, 2000 feet elevation gain.

P.S. - I drove by a herd of elk right next to the road on my way out of the park.  So cool!

Hike No. 2 - 1/11/24 - Hares Canyon, Williams Creek Horseshoe, and Bark Spud Trails, Stub Stewart State Park, Oregon.  I didn't feel like driving very far today, so Stub Stewart SP to the rescue!  This place is always good for a quick romp.  It's been cold, but I was surprised to find a good three inches of snow on the ground at the parking area.  Hiking through slushy snow got my boots wet, and then it started raining!  Not the greatest day to be outside, but I got some miles in and survived to tell the story.  Now to dry out all of my soaking wet gear.  6 miles, 800 feet elevation gain.

Hike No. 3 - 2/3/24 - Wilson River Trail, Jones Cr. TH to Wilson River Falls, Oregon Coast Range.  It had been too long between hikes!  Finally some sunny, dry weather prompted me to reunite with good friend Catherine for a catch up hike.  We struck out with our first two trailhead options - one trail was closed and the other trailhead was swarming with ATV's.  So I drove to my standby coast range hike, the Wilson River Trail.  We had a lovely time romping through the mossy forests, following the beautiful blue Wilson River.  Taking a lunch break on the river bank, we were entertained by two kayakers paddling through the rapids.  It was wonderful to be back on the trail again.  5.75 miles, 600 feet elevation gain.

Hike No. 4 - 2/19/24 - Lewis River Trail, from Hantwick Trailhead to Moulton Falls Regional Park, Washington.  I've been skiing too much and hiking too little!  However I got outside today to revisit a favorite area in SW Washington.  My friend Catherine joined me on this stroll.  After oohing and aahing over the beautiful wooden bridge over the Lewis River in Moulton Falls Regional Park, I embarked on a mission to check out nearby Yacolt Falls.  The waterfall was found and it was absolutely worth the side trip.  The day started out rainy but ended up sunny and nice.  6.6 miles, 300 feet elevation gain.

Hike No. 5 - 3/18/24 - Catherine Creek Loop, Columbia River Gorge, Washington.  It's been a slow hiking season thus far, because I've been skiing a lot.  But today's beautiful weather gave me a good reason to check out the eastern gorge wildflower bloom.  Debbie and Barry joined me for this trek, and it was good to catch up on the past couple of months.  The grass widows were in full bloom and they were stunning.  Debbie also spotted a few Lewis woodpeckers - definitely a highlight!  Nice to be back out in the Gorge.  A short hike, because I spent too much time taking pictures!  5 miles, 1100 feet elevation gain.

Hike No. 6 - 4/1/24 - Labyrinth Trail to Catherine Creek and back, Columbia River Gorge, Washington.  No foolin' it was only my 6th hike of the year!  Too much time spent skiing I guess.  But it was another windy, but lovely day in the Gorge exploring one of my favorite trails in the area.  The wildflowers were blooming everywhere and the views were spectacular as usual.  Debbie and Barry accompanied me for this latest trek and the company was most welcome.  7.5 miles, 2000 feet elevation gain.

Hike No. 7 - 4/7/24 - Dalles Mtn Ranch Loop from Crawford Oaks TH, Columbia River Gorge, Washington.  The wildflowers are bloomin' and it was time for me to start visiting all my favorite Gorge wildflower meadows.  The Dalles Mtn Ranch is one of my favorite springtime hikes.  Catherine joined me for a tiptoe through the flowers.  The balsamroot was going strong, with lupine just getting started.  I was sad to see someone had picked a bunch of the balsamroot and left the wilted blooms on the trail.  People - NEVER pick wildflowers!!  Other than that, another great spring hike in the gorge!  7.4 miles, 1400 feet elevation gain.  

Hike No. 8 - 4/12/24 - Memaloose Hills and Rowena Crest, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.  The balsamroot was in full bloom, and I needed to catch it.  So I woke up early and headed to the Memaloose Hills, a great place to see high concentrations of wildflowers.  Chatfield Hill didn't disappoint, and the early hour meant great morning light on the flower fields.  I finished up with a quick trek through nearby Rowena Crest, but truthfully Chatfield Hill was much better.  Good to get outside and have my flower fix.  5 miles total between the two places, and 850 feet elevation gain.

Hike No. 9 - 4/14/24 - Step Creek Loop, Oregon Coast Range.  On this gorgeous spring day, I checked out this "new to me" trail a mere 30 minutes from home.  Lots of trilliums and yellow violets blooming, birds were singing, and the forest was beautiful with all the new green vegetation.  Hardly any hikers, but I did hear someone shooting guns (a drawback to hiking in the coast range.)  A good trail for a quick hike when I don't feel like driving far.  6.2 miles, 900 feet elevation gain.

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