Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall in the Gorge

There is no better season in the Columbia River Gorge.  I love hiking the Gorge in the fall.  It is incredibly beautiful!  I've posted some photos from two of my recent October hikes to give you a sample of the Gorge in all its splendor.

Horsetail Falls

Brilliant fall colors on the Latourell Falls trail.

Upper Latourell Falls

Large yellow leaves decorate the forest

The Gorge is a patchwork quilt of color when viewed from above.

Lower Latourell Falls

Sheppard's Dell Falls

The Wahkeena Falls area is a large blast of color.

Leaves caught in the current of the stream.

Wahkeena Falls and the leaf-strewn pathway.

Fairy Falls -one of my favorite Gorge waterfalls.

Even Bear stops to admire the fall colors along the trail.

Sadly, fall never lasts long enough.  It is a short couple of weeks, and then the trees are bare.  But I did get a couple of good weekend hikes at the peak of the color.  My photos will have to tide me over........ until next year!