Sunday, February 5, 2017

Snow Day 2017

This winter has been one for the record books.

Normally Portland and the Willamette River Valley are lucky to see a measurable snowfall event once every three years.  But after two snow and ice storms in December alone, I thought that quota was filled.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

Deep snow in our driveway!

The second week of January, forecasters warned a large band of moisture moving towards NW Oregon would collide with subfreezing air streaming out of the Columbia River Gorge.  As flakes began to fall that evening, I felt like a little kid hoping for a snow day.  Although one to four inches was predicted, as night wore on it became apparent they'd missed their mark.  I measured a solid 6 inches of the white stuff before bedtime, and it was still coming down hard.

Snow-covered neighborhood

The next morning, Portland awoke to a winter wonderland.  Nine inches of fluffy snow covered everything.  Since snowfall of this magnitude hardly ever happens here, local jurisdictions were not equipped to handle clearing the streets.  So they told everyone to stay home.  Yahoo - snow day!

Can't even see my skis!

Giddy with excitement, I dug out my cross-country skis.  The best part about having snow at home is being able to ski from your front door.  I took advantage of the new-fallen snow with an early morning tour to our local park.

Snow-flocked branches

I had the park to myself and gleefully made first tracks through it's untouched white canvas.  All the trees with their snow-covered branches made great photo subjects.

I love snow days!

And I even managed one decent selfie.

Snowy scenes from the neighborhood park

Snow makes everything look wonderful, and the park, with it's stately fir trees, was no exception.

My neighbor Penny joined me in the snow

It was so much fun swishing through the park's open fields, I went home and convinced my neighbor Penny to join me. 

White creeklet

Although Penny doesn't ski, she also loves photography, and we had a blast capturing many unique winter scenes.

Red berries

Later that morning, my hubby and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  Although both our vehicles are equipped for snow travel, it was more fun to explore on foot.

Snowman on Taco Bell Drive thru

I couldn't resist adding a tiny snowman to the top of Taco Bell's drive through speaker!  (Luckily the place was closed)

My hubby and I's snowmen

Back at home, my hubby got busy shoveling the sidewalk.  I was supposed to help, but got distracted rolling a huge snowball.  Pretty soon, I had three snowballs, and it somehow morphed into a snowman.

Lots of shoveling too

 Not to be outdone, Roger put down his shovel and built my snowman a buddy.

Happy snowmen

 Pretty cute guys, don't you think? 

Roger's truck has a mohawk!

After the sidewalk and driveway were cleared, Roger got busy sweeping off his truck.  I had to laugh at the chunk of snow stuck in the middle of his windshield.  Kind of looked like a mohawk.

White spotted fence

The snow stuck to our backyard fence in an interesting pattern that I thought was photo-worthy.

Falling snow

By late afternoon, snow began falling once again.  The huge flakes were so pretty, I tried hard to capture them.  A flock of birds hung out in a nearby tree, waiting for us to refill the bird feeder.

Birds looking for food

Living in a place that seldom sees snow, it was fun to have a day off to enjoy Mother Nature's surprise bounty.  We all need a to channel our inner kid once and awhile, and I was thankful for the opportunity to play in the white stuff on this unexpected snow day.

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  1. Hello, Snow Days are the best. That was a lot of snow, pretty scenes and photos. I like the snowman and the cute Juncos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. That is a LOT of snow. We have snow and cold wind here in Whatcom County right now, with a winter advisory and treacherous travel. I think it might be all the way down to your area, too. I'm ready for it to be over! :-)

  3. Great shots! Always fun to walk the snow covered neighborhood, even ski in it.
    We got dumped on, again, last night. Several inches of heavy wet snow. Took our power out.
    What a winter!

  4. What a sight! I'm glad you have cross country skis . I still xcountry ski. Your snow went up the coast . My son lives in Vancouver, B.C. Awesome photos with the snow.

  5. That looks like fun! What a wild and crazy winter you have had...and fun memories too!

  6. I wish that I could be there, but I need to go to the beach.

  7. Ohh it looks so pristine and gorgeous. You both had a great time on your snow day.

  8. Just what I needed to read this morning after a night so hot, we couldn't sleep.
    I feel so much cooler for my morning frolic through your snowy neighbourhood. I love its white beauty and all your perfect snaps of it and then to see the snowflakes actually falling.
    Pure bliss. Thanks for taking me along to enjoy the fun.

  9. It looks like you and Roger had a lot of fun with this pretty snowfall! I think you've had more snow than we have had on the Front Range of Colorado this winter! Our high Rockies had record breaking snowfalls--Crested Butte Ski resort had to close a few days after 6 ft fell in a day, but our area has had none for a long time. I'm sure that means we will get a lot of snow in April and

  10. We used to get snow that deep here but not for a while now. Good fun though on the cross country skis and a day off work is always a welcome bonus.

  11. What beauty - you've had far more snow than us this winter. It's simply stayed sunny here, except for the occasional "storm" which drops almost no moisture.

  12. Isn't a deep fluffy snowfall beautiful! It must have been special for you.

  13. What fun! It looks so pretty. And you looks so happy :)

  14. It was a fun tour through your neighborhood and glad you had a fun snow day or two. I was surprised when the snow fell so big and fluffy in that storm here as well. We only had 2 inches but it was enough to cause havoc with ice as well. Amazing how long it stayed around with the freezing temps. Thanks for sharing your photos! And yes I went to work today, only to come home 5 hours later. Hopefully I'll have more stamina and not have cold legs tomorrow. Take care!

  15. Wow! I'm jealous! I love everything about this post, I want my home to get that much snow, just once. I have the same grain shovel. It comes on in the car on all my wintertime snow adventure, but sadly has seen more action shoveling out the chicken houses than actual snow.

  16. You truly caught the beauty of the snow. My favorite is the creeklet.

  17. Love seeing your snow pics since we aren't getting any. I like the snowman on the taco bell speaker :)

  18. Nothing wrong at all in channelling your inner kid - its channelling my inner adult I struggle with! :)

  19. Hahaha, we have so much snow and not a snow day to be seen. My street has been unplowed for days. It makes things very interesting! I too love skiing from my house.

  20. Linda, beautiful snowfalls like this brings out the inner child in all of us. We don't get much of the white fluff but even if we did then I'm not too sure if I'd actually get out in these days. I've gotten less tolerant of the cold with each passing year but I'd be tempted to go out to take a few photos. Who knows maybe I'd catch a neighborhood kid building a snowman. Thanks for sharing your snow fun filled day. Have a fototastic week and you're invited to join my humble not-so WW linky party! ;)

  21. Oh nice pretty snow! You captured it nicely! I enjoyed seeing your snowmen!! Most of the time our snow is dry so it won't make a snowman:)

  22. Skiing from our house all winter is a real perk. I'm glad you got to experience a snow day - you photos show how happy you were. We're having a storm today with lots of wind. Bob is out skiing in it.

  23. OMGosh that is a lot of snow! It hasn't stopped snowing yet today here either. Thanks for sharing in the Shade of Winter

  24. Beautiful snow - wish I could send you some of ours.

  25. Your day could not have been any more perfect! I like how you recognized this day as a gift and made sure to happily accept it! Your photos depict so much fun.

  26. There is something so magical about snow. We had a lot here as well. Loved your snow photos and the snowmen!

  27. so super fun for your part of the country to experience so much snow. your snowmen are so fun.

  28. Great way to get around the neighborhood! I was passed by plenty of cross country skiers around the campus trails after to storm, and it really made me long for a pair of skis or snow shoes!

  29. Beautiful pictures! Not sure I'd want to brave the roads though.


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