Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Back to Bachelor

Mid-January and snow was falling fast and furious in the Cascade Mountains.  You know what that means.....time for a girl's trip to Mt Bachelor!  So one weekend I loaded my car with ski buddies Kim, Young, and Hollie and drove over the pass to Central Oregon.

Rock star parking space!

I love skiing at Mt Bachelor.  Not only do they have drier snow and tons of terrain, Bachelor also offers front row parking to carpools of four or more people.  On the first day, I snagged this awesome spot right next to the lodge!

Young and I are ready to go

Although stormy weather was predicted, the sight of snowflakes whipping in the wind made me giddy.  Who doesn't love a powder day?

Girlfriends on the lift

We all jumped on the lift and took a few runs with Hollie, who's been taking lessons.  After coaching her down a couple of runs, we all agreed she was doing great.  Hollie encouraged Kim, Young and I to go ahead, promising to connect at lunch.

Kim points the way

After meeting up with my brother Dale, my friends and I set out for a few laps down our favorite runs.

Snow-flocked trees

This year, Mt Bachelor opened a brand-new chairlift - the Cloudchaser.  I'd been dying to try it, so we headed over to the mountain's east side. 

The gang's all  here

We were not disappointed!  The lift was constructed over an area offering interesting terrain and fabulous tree skiing.  Combined with a coat of soft, fluffy snow, it made for a morning of great fun.

Taking Hollie down Marshmallow

After a white-knuckle drive down the mountain, we returned the following day for more skiing adventures.  Kim and I thought Hollie was ready for a challenge, so we took her down the Marshmallow run.  Although she did fine, Hollie decided that was enough excitement for the day.  She returned to the bunny slope for more practice, and Young, Kim and I headed back to Cloudchaser.

Perfect pose!

Although the weather was still overcast, the snow gods had delivered a good six inches of fluffy powder.  Time to make some tracks!

Denise and Chris joined us

Midday, my daughter Denise and her boyfriend Chris joined us for some riding.

The sun came out....and it was magical

And then - miracle of miracles - about 10 o'clock the clouds parted to reveal brilliant blue skies!

Ski track patterns

Newly-fallen white snow against the bright blue made for some stunning scenery.  It was magical!

Looking towards the summit

I made lots of stops and the camera came out again and again attempting to capture it all.

Someone is happy

Is Kim a happy skier or what?


Yup - nothing better than a surprise bluebird day.  Yahoo!

Sweeping views from on high

Sunshine, new snow. and stunning views.  I was having such a good time I didn't want to leave.

Wave for the camera!

But....we all had to work on Monday, so after a wonderful morning on the slopes, my friends and I packed it in and headed back over the mountains.  But have no fear - Mt Bachelor, we'll be back!


  1. Wow. What a great experience. Love mountains and if you are into skiing it doesn't get better then this!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Nice! I think us Subaru drivers should stick together!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Hello, I have to admit it looks like a fun day. I am not a skier. Beautiful scenic photos.
    Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  4. Looks an interesting mountain. Like the trees covered in snow.

  5. Tenho saudades da neve à muitos anos que não estou em contacto com esta maravilha natural que é a neve.
    Um abraço.
    Andarilhar || Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa || Livros-Autografados

  6. To die for gorgeous! Glad the snow gods delivered some nice powder for you.
    Love your giddiness!

  7. Reading your post I get so caught up in your enthusiasm that I just feel I am there with you! Those blue skies and all that snow make me want to get on a plane and see it for myself. Only one problem with that - I can't ski!

  8. What fun, Linda...and how gorgeous! I am going to miss your winter photos when winter is gone. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Great ski weekend, Linda. You were lucky with that parking spot! Parking is so limited in Breckenridge. Luckily, we can ski to and from the area from our back yard (through the forest to a ski trail). I skied this AM for the first time since the broken rib on New Years Day. Visibility was poor - vertigo a problem. Your photos are wonderful - love the snow-laden trees. Good Luck to Hollie - hope she likes skiing as much as you do!

  10. Looks like fun! What kind of camera do you use when you're skiing?

    1. I have a Canon S95 that I've used for years. I takes great photos for a pocket camera. I also use my GoPro for wide-angle shots.

  11. Fantastic! I still haven't been skiing this winter, and I need to fix that soon.

  12. What a stunning day of skiing - fresh snow and blue skies!

  13. What a great day to be skiing!! Your snowy photos are awesome! :)

  14. More jealousy from across the Atlantic! :)

  15. What fun! Big smiles all around. And I love that photo with the ski track patterns. It shows the enjoyment of the day!

  16. That's gorgeous! I was in Bend earlier this week and it looked more like the first half of your photos rather than the second. :(

  17. I really like the shot called looking toward the summit. You look magically happy in each photo as you seem to come alive in the snow like a real snowperson!

  18. beautiful with all the snow and blue skies.

  19. Lovely scenes! Glad you had such a fun time!

  20. You do love your snow! - Everyone seems to be having a great time. Love the ski patterns in the snow shot & the view from up top.

  21. When the sun came out your photos became magical, Linda! Kudos to your friend who is learning to ski. It looks like so much fun--I wish I were younger as I would take lessons too!
    We finally had some snow on the front range --I was getting worried after none for 5 weeks. March is usually our snowiest month so I look forward to seeing more soon.

  22. Gorgeous shots! Loved the snow-flocked trees and the sunny shots. Lots of happy people, too! I haven't been up there yet...we aren't skiiers, but I keep telling my sister and her family about it because they are!


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