Friday, November 20, 2015

Odds 'n Ends from Lassen NP

As you can imagine, I took hundreds of photos during my visit to Lassen Volcanic National Park.  Quite a few of them didn't really fit into a particular theme, so I've combined these stray shots into a final catch-all blog post.

Panoramic forest view

After climbing Lassen Peak, I made a few additional stops on the road back to Manzanita Lake.  One was to check out Kings Creek Falls.  Although I'd heard reports of a lovely cascade, by the time I reached the falls, late afternoon backlight created poor photographic conditions.  So I took photos of the grand forest panorama instead.

Kings Creek

And meandering Kings Creek was quite lovely too.

Sulphur Works

I also drove by a roadside mud pot called Sulphur Works.  Sulfurous clay was mined here in the late 1800s, but now this active hydrothermal area has been presevered within the park boundaries.

Don't be like Mr. Bumpass

This warning signs made me chuckle.  The small stick figure in the lower sign reminded me of poor old Mr. Bumpass.  (If you missed that post, read about it here)

Bubbling mud pot

A mudpot right at pavement's edge was bubbling furiously.  I didn't get very close!

Colorful hill

Sulfurous minerals leaching out of the soil over time have created some striking colors.  Kind of makes up for the barren landscape.

Fall colors just getting started

Lassen Peak's NE side was the portion of the mountain that collapsed during the May 1915 eruptions.  The initial lava dome collapse and subsequent ash clouds and release of hot gases sent a high speed flow of gases and lava down Lassen's slope, devastating everything in its path.  Not only the lava, but high temperatures instantly melted mountain snow, creating massive mudflows.  This NE side is referred to as the "Devastated Area" and some remnants of the great eruption are still visible today.

Golden meadow

Huge car-sized boulders can still be found perched between the regrown Ponderosa and Lodgepole pines, hurled miles by the force of the blast and mudflow.

Car sized rock from 1915 eruption

Although this entire NE side was laid bare in 1915, you wouldn't know it today.  Tall aspens, Ponderosa and Lodgepole pine forests cover most of the former devastated area.

Sparkling stream

Gazing across Lassen's broad expanse, I wondered to myself if this is what Mt. St. Helens will look like on the 100-year anniversary of its eruption.

Lassen reflection

Nearby golden marshy meadows produced some great fall colors, and a surprise Lassen Peak reflection.

Loomis Museum

On Manzanita Lake's northern shore lies the Loomis Museum, home to historic photographs and other National Park information.  It's unique rock building makes a great photo subject.

B.F. Loomis famous photograph (scanned postcard)

The museum got its name from photographer B. F. Loomis, who captured several photographs of Lassen's many eruptions.  His most famous photographs were of the largest blasts, occurring in May 1915.  A series of five images, depicting the various stages of the explosion, are prominently displayed in the Loomis Museum.  Extremely impressive, considering the primitive camera equipment of the time.

Reflection Lake shoreline

Across the road from Loomis Museum was a nature path.  It passed by Reflection Lake's shoreline, noting the different varieties of pine trees.  Although I'm usually not one to explore developed nature trails, this one was well done.

Lily Pond

I passed by a very large lily pond.  Not only was it's surface covered with an impressive amount of water lilies, it's blue waters reflected the nearby forest quite nicely.

Giant pinecones!

Some of the local pine tree species produced extremely large cones.  They were are big as my size 9 feet!  (Sorry, I can't remember which variety of pine tree produced these)

It's called Reflection Lake for a reason

Since my nature hike had only briefly passed by Reflection Lake, upon completion of the trail, I headed back for a better view.

Lovely Lassen reflection

Boy, was I glad I did!  I thought the prior day's mountain reflections from Manzanita Lake were good. Well...let me just say they call it Reflection Lake for a reason.  The mountain images reproduced in it's still, blue waters were nothing short of marvelous.

Almost like a painting!

A good way to end my time at Lassen Volcanic National Park. 

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  1. Awesome photos, Linda! And I love that museum architecture!

  2. WOW! Spectatucclar scenery and reflections. Have a lovely weekend

  3. Great mix... cool info and really gorgeous captures.
    Super post!

  4. The area is gorgeous! And those pinecones are huge indeed :)

  5. Hello Linda, beautiful images from your Lassen Nat'l Park visit. I love the views of the mountain with the fall color and the gorgeous reflection lake. The museum is cool, that old eruption photo is awesome. Great post, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Um belo trabalho com belas fotografias e paisagens fantásticas.
    Um abraço e bom fim de semana.

  7. Beautiful images! I too was thinking of Mt St Helens as I was reading through your post. This is such a beautiful area I could easily spend a month hopping around this part of Nor Cal.

  8. What a wonderful collection of "odds and ends."

  9. We did the "ridge lakes" hike at Sulfur works without knowing anything about it. We just wanted another quick hike before leaving and saw it was about 2 miles round trip. Ha - it went 1,000 feet up in 1 mile. Lesson learned - always research trails. The mudpot at Sulfur works was boiling extensively the day we were there too. I really liked Lassen and would go back...I do wish there would have been a dusting of snow on the mountain when we were there, but, the later in the season you go - the more chance of not having terrific non-icy hiking conditions!

  10. Your photos have really made me want to get back here. Love the danger guy, and the old eruption photo too!

  11. Those lake reflections are wonderful, and I love the green King's Creek shot. Glad you watched your step and didn't fall into any bubbling mud pots! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Family, Linda.

  12. That's certainly a beautiful area - the mudpots remind me of Yellowstone.

  13. What great photos! I really enjoyed seeing that old photo and I agree it is remarkable for the time. Unique building too the stone work is beautiful!
    Can you imagine boulders that size going through the air? Unbelievable.

  14. Amazing scenery! I certainly hope that MSH will look as wonderful as the Lassen area someday. Love the historical photo of the blast...funny coincidence (?) that both mountains blew in May. The warning signs reminded me of Yellowstone--scary but fascinating areas!

  15. PS: I was going to say, your car shaped boulder almost looks like a car:)

  16. A lovely selection of photos there. Uplifting how nature will always bounce back and reclaim damaged land, given a chance.

  17. When a post like this is called "odds and ends" you know you live in a remarkable place. Those pine cones are huge!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: my slowness to comment and visit has been caused by a trip to an island in the Pacific!

  18. Hi! Nice collection of your masterpiece photos!The Lassen reflection ones are breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  19. WOW! Those really are BIG pinecones! I very much like the reflection photos.

  20. Nice odds & ends! So ends then must mean you are ready to share your adventure to Utah with your followers. I am anxiously waiting!

  21. Amazingly beautiful! Such a fascinating place to visit. Loved your beautiful shots!

  22. What a fantastic landscape. I want to go there! It's not an unreasonable trip from the Willamette valley, is it? LOVE that warning sign: yikes!

  23. beautiful place.. my I would not want that rock the size of a car land on my house.. and those sizes of those pine cones cool!

  24. These are beautiful photos, including that reflection. You captured it well. A friend gave me one of those giant pine cones many years ago...amazing!

  25. Beautiful photos. Your images always make we want to be your traveling companion.

  26. Gorgeous collection of photos! I love the giant pine cones.


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