Sunday, March 2, 2014

V-Day and B-day

I love having a winter birthday.  It means I can go skiing on my special day.  And every once and awhile my B-day coincides with a ski bus Thursday.  Like it did this year.

The bus is all decked out in red

Although my B-day isn't on Valentine's Day, it's mighty close.  My ski bus loves to celebrate V-Day and has a special "Valentine's Bus" on the Thursday closest to this holiday.  Our bus moms decorate for the occasion, and encourage riders to wear red.  There's a prize for the man and the women with the most articles of red clothing. 

Kerry models his red clothing

Some folks get all decked out for this impromptu fashion show.  Over the years riding this bus I've seen tons of red hats, shirts, coats, ski pants, socks......and every once and awhile someone will admit to donning red underwear.  (One time an older gentleman actually dropped his drawers to reveal a pair of red boxers with hearts!  Woo-woo!)

Dave gets his heart sticker from Dixie

Our bus mom Dixie comes around with a packet of heart stickers to place on each person's cheek.  While the women think it's cute, the guys aren't real crazy about having a pink heart stuck to their face.

Dixie has heart stickers for everyone!

But you don't dare say no to Dixie!

My "fat girls" are ready to taste some pow!

While the V-Day celebration is good fun, my main focus is always on skiing.  I've decided that from now until retirement, I'm taking my B-Day off work and heading to the slopes.

Mmmm.....Three Bowl is lookin' good

What a fine day it was!  Mt. Hood had received another goodly dump of snow overnight.  I'd packed my "fat girl" powder skis in anticipation.  And wasn't disappointed.  Right off the bat, Three Bowl called my name.

Pat scopes out a line

Oh yeah!  It was a silky smooth ride through calf-deep snow.  Although the pow was not as light and fluffy as some other areas of the U.S., here in the PNW we take what we get and are darned happy for it (especially this year!)

Skiing with the guys in red on V-day

Glen and Pat, my ski buddies for the day, were properly attired for Valentine's celebrations.  Both wore red coats.  Sure made them easy to find on the slopes.

Photographer Grant doin' his thing

My friend photographer Grant was out and about, capturing us snow-riders enjoying the day.  I thought he deserved a photograph of his own.  Can you see the monster lens he's using?  Wowie!

Grant caught me in action!  (Photo by Grant Myrdal)

Grant does a great job gettin' shots of us.  He managed to catch this awesome photo of me zipping through the pow (right before his camera battery died).

Checking out "Inner Limits"

I love it when conditions are good enough that you can ski anywhere.  Heading in for lunch, I persuaded the guys to take "Inner Limits," a steep, narrow gully that's a blast to ski in fresh snow.  A run that, due to insufficient coverage, I hadn't been able to ski this year.  That is, until today. 

Glen takes in the view

Not only is it a fun trip, the views on top aren't too shabby.

Glen ready to tackle "Elevator"

After lunch, Pat suggested we try another run that really hasn't been skiable until this week - Lower Elevator.  True to it's name, this trail is a super-steep pitch leading snow-riders into a deep gully.

Pat entering "Elevator"

Of course, Glen and I were game.  (Glen always jokes he'll try anything once.)  I went first, launching myself down a line that was barely tracked.  Oh my!  The snow parted beneath ski edges like a hot knife through butter.  White fluff billowed around my head.  It felt like floating in a pile of feathers.  Upon reaching the bottom I instantly knew a repeat visit was in order.

Looking down the "Elevator" shaft

The rest of the afternoon, my pals and I made lap after lap down Elevator's steep dropoff.  Conditions continued to be amazing.  The wind had apparently blown all the loose snow into this gully, creating a deep blanket of super-soft fluff.  Hands-down it won honors for "best run of the day."

Doug photobombs my selfie

Back on the bus, my friends had a B-day surprise for me.  Last year, as a gag gift for another rider, a few of us created the "Purple PECR" award.  PECR is an acronym we came up with that stands for "Perfectly Executed Carved Runs."  A fluffy purple bird pen was purposed (and - ahem - "modified") especially for the occasion.

I received the "Purple PECR" award

Well.......guess who was chosen as the 2014 "Purple PECR" recipient?  Yup - little ol' me!  I get to keep this purple birdie trophy until next year's Valentine bus, and then chose the next lucky winner (aka - victim).  Hey, it's not everyday you receive such a prestigious award on your B-day! :)

No better way to spend a birthday! (Photo by Grant Myrdal)

Any day spent skiing is a good day, but when your B-day and V-day bus both land on the same calendar square, it can't be anything but extra special.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Linda! Glad you had an awesome fun day.

  2. What a fun way to spend your birthday which wasn't really your birthday but it was a fun day anyway! Mount Hood looked so beautiful on Thurs this week. Glad you were out and enjoyed the snow, even the elevator! You're braver than me!
    By the way, as I was just coming off the summit of Coastal Range mountains headed to Seaside a week ago Friday I spied a Christmas tree garland on a evergreen. I instantly thought of you and your search for an ornament in the woods. I spied it but didn't stop and photograph it though! Score for me! Ha! Have a great week!

  3. Happy belated birthday to you, Linda...this looks like a thoroughly enjoyable event!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, you look like you had the best day!!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Linda! I really enjoyed the photos. The scenery is just gorgeous. Congrats on the award. The Valentine's Bus sounds like fun. Have a happy day and enjoy your new week.

  6. What a fun post Linda! Great shots and a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Love your sense of adventure - keep it up!

  7. Happy B-day Linda.What an awesome way to celebrate each year. I wonder how often it will fall on ski-bus Thursday. I loved your description of skiing the Elevator and how lucky to get that fabulous shot before the camera died1!!

  8. Happy Birthday and Congrats on the award ~ love it ~ Gorgeous photography and fun times ~ thanks,

    artmusedog and carol

  9. That looks awesome - great snow, great views, great company!

  10. It looks like so much fun! And sounds like the perfect birthday for you. I'm glad you had a nice time. Love the shots your friend got of you!

  11. Wonderful trip, full of fun.

  12. Man, is it scenic out there!
    Awesome to see the action shots of you doing what you love, Linda - your happiness sure shows!
    HAPPY (little bit late) BIRTHDAY!!

  13. I can see you had a great birthday! And to be given an award too? What a day! ;)

  14. Fun day then and some great photos

  15. A belated happy birthday. Glad you got to do what you like.

  16. A fantastic birthday present!
    I make a point of never spending my birthday at work. Feels good!

  17. Happy birthday Linda. Looks like it was a wonderful day. Grant took a FAB picture of you. Frame that one!

  18. Awesome place to spend your birthday Linda!! And I am glad you had such a great one:)
    LOVED the photos from the Inner Limits and Three Bowl areas--beautiful!
    And I think the heart stickers are adorable:)
    Blessings, Aimee


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