Monday, March 24, 2014

Suddenly Spring

Winters in the Pacific Northwest can be downright dreary.  No, we normally don't get the cold and snow like many northern climates, but the endless gray cloudy days get old.  Combine lack of sunshine, lots of rain, and overall grayness, and the months from November to February can seem long and gloomy indeed.

Our first daffodil!

But then, in early March, something wonderful happens.  First, the daffodils rear their sunny yellow heads out of the cold soil.  Then, bright purple crocuses arrive on the scene.

The neighbor's crocuses about to open

And...the next week all the flowering trees erupt in frilly pink blossoms.  BAM!  Before you know it, everything is in bloom.

Water droplet dangles from a daffodil

Spring really snuck up on me this year.  The week after I spotted our daffodils sprouting flowers, every tree in the neighborhood burst into color.  I swear it all happened overnight.

Raindrops bead on daffodil leaves

There's a flowering pear tree in our front yard.  The tree isn't anything special 11 months out of the year.  But in March it decorates itself with lovely white blooms and pink-tinged buds.

Our floweriing pear tree is in bloom

The neighbors on our cross street also have some nice flowering trees.  This past sunny Saturday morning, I ran over with my camera to capture morning light on the blooms.

More lovely blossoms

Right now these bright yellow flowering trees can be found all over town.  Not sure what they are called (not much of an arborist, sorry!) but I know what I like to photograph.

Bright yellow flowers brighten a neighbor's tree

Our next-door neighbors have a giant weeping willow tree, that dangles over the fence into our yard.

Blossoms cascade down our neighbor's weeping willow

It was chock-full of cute little white flowers. 

Blossom close-up

The flowers began dropping from the tree's branches, decorating the ground below.  Even lying on the sidewalk, they're mighty pretty.

Fallen blooms decorate the sidewalk

Remember the photo of the closed crocus flowers at the beginning of this post?  Well, later that day I was delighted to pass by and discover their petals had opened.  And they were indeed lovely.

The crocuses are open!

Spring in Portland is colorful and glorious.  Bursting onto the scene like a delightful surprise, it's our reward for enduring the long, dark, gray months of winter.

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  1. Beautiful flowers especially those crocus

  2. man wartet mit Sehnsucht auf diese Zeit
    tolle Bilder
    LG vom katerchen

  3. A delightful series of captures Linda - thanks for sharing.

  4. We have the daffodils and the Blossom and now the trees are budding

  5. Wow! How beautiful your photos are! Your photos make me happy. Thanks for sharing.Wishing you wonderful days.

  6. Beautiful...each photo. But today I especially like the one you shared of the fallen blossoms. There is something about that one that really shows the mood of the day I think.

  7. You have a beautiful spring! I'm amazed these days to realize how much spring arrives at different times across the continent, both west to east and south to north. It'll be awhile yet here. Those yellow flowers look like forsythia, which is a big shrub around here.

  8. I love the dogwoods!

    Most of our snow is gone already here. Just a few dirty drifts left in the shaded places.

  9. Lucky you- we have snow forecast for tomorrow

  10. Linda,

    Awesome spring shots! I love the colors and cheerfulness. Just what I needed this cold morning. This morning it's 13* with a predicted high someplace in the 20's for today.

    Spring is a coming; it's just a little slow to get to the South Dakota prairie.

  11. They are gorgeous, and such a delight to see, it's still snowing here.

  12. Magnificent colors, DOF, and spring subjects!!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  13. Linda ~ Divine shots of Spring ~ excellent marcos and beautiful flowers ~

    Wish MA would get some more signs of Spring instead of possibly more Snow!

    artmusedog and carol

  14. Do the daffodils really blossom before the crocuses? Around here, in Connecticut, the crocuses are the first flowers of spring. We're behind you. I haven't seen any blossoming crocuses yet, although I wouldn't be surprised if they're around. However, the daffodils by my house haven't blossomed yet, although they're definitely showing new growth. Trees won't be flowering for a while. I also haven't seen any skunk cabbage in woods yet, although they're about due.

    BTW, those yellow flowers are forsythias, as the Furry Gnome said.

  15. It will be a little while yet before we see this in our area -- but you are right in that it happens so quickly once it starts. Gorgeous captures Linda.

  16. All the beautiful spring flowers you shared with us - I love them.

  17. Linda, lovely series of flowers and images.. We must be the last place to see any flowes blooming, as I am typing it is snowing outside my window.. I kind of wish I was seeing flowers instead.. Enjoy your week!

  18. How gorgeous! It will be awhile before our area of Colorado will come into bloom, although I did see a few daffodils.
    Last spring was my first here, and I was amazed by the wildflowers that grew for a short time in the open spaces. There were not many flowering trees, however, and I missed that, as there were many on the east coast. It was nice to see the spring flowers in your hometown!

  19. Spring is the best of seasons. the forsythia is in full bloom here and fills my heart with joy.

  20. Oh Linda you really got me with these glorious flower photos ~ they are splendid !!

  21. Beautiful blossoms!
    I'm wondering if I need to change my nickname. ?!

  22. That does look like spring - which makes sense, because its starting to feel like autumn here.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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