Monday, September 16, 2013

Hood to Coast - The Bonus Photos

Hopefully you're not too sick of hearing about Hood to Coast quite yet.  I've got a collection of "bonus" photos that didn't quite fit in my recaps.  These images give more insight into the carnival-like atmosphere of this famous relay race.

Large white passenger vans are a common sight.  But most teams try to brighten them up a little.

This van had a giant blow-up turtle on top.

You don't see men with green hair everyday.

This van decor is a little gruesome.

Runner humor - who doesn't giggle a bit when someone talks about a "fartlek?"

This lady is stuck in the '80s (I wonder if she ran in that get-up?)

One of the funniest vans - the top rack is lined with beer taps (which lit up at night!).  And to finish it off, a stripper pole on the back.

Wonderful strangers who cheered me on as I ran my first leg.  So I took a photo of them.

Probably my favorite H2C decor - and for a good cause.  The ladies in this truck were promoting breast cancer awareness.  A great way to get their message across!

This lady had a "cow" theme going.  And I loved her team's neon orange tank tops.

Team Super Slug??

This crown mounted on the roof box lit up at night.  Quite a sight!

Ohhhh......there are some shorts just shouldn't be worn in public......(especially by a guy!)

Team "Hoodzilla" had a couple of stereo speakers mounted on top of their rig.  The guys drove by blasting loud rock music.  Awesome!

It wouldn't be Hood to Coast without our friends the porta-potties.  Or a porta-potty line.

I thought this team name was very creative!

Cool costumes - hopefully not too difficult to run in.

I saw blow-up dolls being used in all sorts of ways.

It's not everyday you get passed by a man wearing a rainbow tu-tu!  Only in the Hood to Coast Relay.

Our poor monkey didn't fare well, and leaked air just as quickly as he was blown up.  Time to spring for a new monkey I guess.  Next year......


  1. They are great photos and really bring the event to life. Humour is everything. How can you not smile or laugh out loud at some of those runners and cars.

  2. As I viewed your photos my smile kept on getting bigger. Thank you.

  3. Wow, great enjoyable post! all the pictures looking interesting...
    thanks for sharing.

  4. Hah! I love how everyone really goes all out for this with decorating their vans and themselves! Although some of that garb seems like it'd be hard to run in!

  5. SO much fun!! Except for the guy in the tutu and the other guy in the shorts. That was disturbing. ROFL!!

  6. Some great themes going there--well except for that cut off limb one :)

  7. Looks like a crazy, fun event!!! How long does this go on???


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