Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Princess and the Peep

May 5th, 2013.  Mt. Hood Meadows' last day of operation until next winter.  A sad day for us pass holders.  Ski season goes by way too fast!

We celebrated Meadows last day in style!

Katie and I happened to be at Meadows for its final day last year.  And it was then we learned about the end-of-year tradition.  Apparently on the last day, one must come in costume.  Since we were caught unaware, Katie and I vowed to return on closing day 2013 appropriately dressed.

Ballet moves on skis

All through this year's ski season, Katie and I schemed.  What could we use for costumes?  Although many ideas were tossed about, we needed something inexpensive and skiable.  Finally, with May fast approaching, I got some help from my ski-buddy Kim.  She had a bright pink tu-tu from one of her daughter's dance recitals.  Add that to the princess hat helmet cover from my birthday.  And - even better - Kim had a peep costume from many Halloweens ago.  (You know peeps - the ubiquitous Eastertime marshmallow chicks)  Alright!  We were ready!

Modeling my costume

Unfortunately the weather decided not to cooperate for our costume debut.  Checking conditions that morning, Katie and I learned Hood was getting pounded with strong winds.  Only three lifts were operating - all very slowly.  It was extremely doubtful any of the upper lifts would be running.  Did we still want to go up?

Well - we'd waited all season for this day.  And now had cool costumes.  Neither of us wanted to miss out.  Wind or no wind, Katie and I decided to go anyway.

A telemarking peep!  (Photo by Grant Myrdal)

At the parking lot, Katie and I donned our costumes.  I decided to wear the peep outfit and Katie claimed the tu-tu and princess hat.  Our wacky attire got noticed right from the start.  Walking to the lift, a group of young men took one look at me and yelled: "Aflac!"  I had to explain that I was a peep, not a duck.

Pink shorts guy

Once we got off the lift and began skiing down the slope, Katie and I received tons of attention.  There were many smiles, laughs, and "nice costume" comments.  People called out to us from the lift.  It was great fun to be the center of attention.  (Although I had to explain to almost everyone that I was a peep, not a duck)

Hawaiian shirt boys

But not many folks wore costumes this year.  We saw one guy wearing hot pink shorts.  I spotted two young boys in lift line wearing Hawaiian shirts.  And there was a guy decked out in a 80s-style neon one piece ski suit.  But that was about it.  Guess this year's snowriders didn't get the memo.

Ridin' up the old blue lift (aka "the buttwhapper")

No matter, my friend and I were having a blast.  It's good fun to dress up wacky and go skiing.  While riding the lift up mid-day, I came up with the perfect nickname for our costumed duo.  When I told Katie my idea, she howled with laughter.  From that point on, we dubbed ourselves "the princess and the peep."

Beer can helmet man

Katie spotted a guy skiing with two beer cans strapped to his helmet.  She insisted we get a photo of him.  Catching "beer can helmet man" coming off the lift, Katie called out to him, asking if we could take his picture.  The man was so cool - not only did he consent to a photo, he wanted us in it.  Beer can man drafted his teenage son into photographer duties.  He admitted the beer cans were only for show (both were empty) and he wore this getup mainly to embarrass his kid.

My costume even has a tail!

What a fun day!  Even though the winds were a nuisance, Katie and I had a grand time zipping down the ski trails, flashing our costumes.  The peep suit was so easy to ski in (and warm too) that I'm considering borrowing it again next year.  Maybe a "princess and the peep" reunion tour? 

I'll miss skiing these runs

I was glad my friend and I decided to come up for Meadows' 2013 swan song.  So long Mt. Hood Meadows.  I'll miss skiing on your slopes.  Until me meet again in December.

But.....skiing wasn't over yet for Katie and I.  There was still one last grand adventure.  The following Wednesday we planned to ski to the top of Mt. St. Helens.  Check out my next post for photos and full story.

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  1. Just love opening my computer as I eat breakfast and find I'm off on another fabulous adventure with you. What a fun day! I laughed at the Dad embarrassing his sons.

  2. That looks like so much fun!

  3. Oh this just looks like way too much fun. I'd have known right away that you were a Peep. Duck?? How silly!

  4. LOVE your costumes and that blue sky is totally awesome:)

  5. Dedicated, serious skiers just amaze me! Beautiful scenery...and funny people!

  6. That's a unique tradition. Something new you learn everyday. Skiing is fun Though I manage to fall frequently every time I am on a slope :)

  7. Beautiful photo day and looked so much fun!

  8. Love the photos! This sounds like a fun tradition!

  9. LOL...I suppose you just have to enjoy the last's a long number of months till next season!

  10. Your costumes looked like great fun!

  11. What a great day you had, sounds like such fun. Lovely shots too.

  12. What a fun tradition! Your costumes made me smile.


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