Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Happy Place

As anyone who's read my blog on a regular basis knows, I'm crazy about skiing.  It's hands-down my most favorite activity.  During the winter I average two days a week up on the slopes.  Not bad for someone who holds a full-time job!

I also love taking photographs.  However, I rarely get any shots of myself skiing (always the photographer, never the subject).  Luckily, Mt. Hood Meadows has a professional photographer, Grant Myrdal, on site.  He can be found most days perched slopeside, shooting images of snow-riders.  When I want some photos of myself making turns, Grant's my go-to guy.

Size matters!  Click on any photo to enjoy a larger version.

Enlarge this photo and you'll see a sun star reflection on my helmet!

I recently purchased a set of images that Grant shot on one of the many sunny days we've been having on Hood.  I love this photo series.

Photo by Grant Myrdal

 Not only can I critique my skiing form, these shots in particular capture me at my happiest times.  I can tell from the expressions on my face, these are moments of sheer bliss.

Photo by Grant Myrdal

 Yep, this is me in my happy place.  Thanks, Grant, for taking these awesome shots!


  1. What a happy face! You are so lucky to be able to do that 2 times per week.

  2. I thought I already posted a comment but it has disappeared - very nice pictures- he has captured your joy.


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