Saturday, December 8, 2012

Retro Photo - Skiing in the 90's

While paging through an old photo album, I came across this image of myself taken during a mid-90s ski trip.  It really brought back memories.  After a brief hiatus from the sport due to having babies, I returned with a vengeance.  A horrible skier at the time, tales of epic wipeouts are legendary among my old ski friends.  But a new passion was born - and thus began my love of sliding around in the snow.  This sport spoke to me, and I patiently kept at it, working to improve.

Ancient skiing circa 1990-something

This photo really made me laugh.  I'm wearing a huge, boxy, ugly coat that's at least five sizes too big.  My gear is ancient by today's standards - long, straight skis and rear-entry boots.  And not a helmet to be seen anywhere.  Boy have things changed since then!

Enjoying last season's powder (photo by Grant Myrdal)

Fast forward nearly 20 years.  The technology has changed.  Wide, short, shaped skis are the norm.  Ski clothes are much more fitted (and warmer!).  And nearly 75% of snow-riders at resorts wear helmets.  I'm still skiing, but not crashing nearly as much.  Now my friends are struggling to keep up with me.  And my favorite day?  Skiing powder during a storm either in Mt. Hood Meadows' bowls or Heather Canyon.

It's finally time to ski again!  I'm planning on hitting the slopes tomorrow for the first day of the season.  Rest assured I'll have photos and stories to share - coming soon to a blog near you.


  1. Hi, Linda!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment:)
    I SO remember skiing in the really old days (60's and 70's)...and being cold! LOL Our fav place for skiing was Mt Hood Meadows then.
    Looking forward to seeing all the Mt Hood photos you can post :)

  2. Are those old raichles? great boots!

  3. I am probably the only person who has never skied. It sure looks like fun and what a great way to keep in shape! Enjoy your trip!

  4. I learned to ski when I was 16 and had all my own equipment. The boots finally crapped out about 5 years ago and I can't even get new ones to fit my old bindings. They laughed at me at the ski store when I brought the old skis in.

    Skiing in the midwest is no where near as exciting or as beautiful as what you have. One of these days I've got to get out west and ski.

    Looking forward to your skiing posts, but I will miss the hiking ones.

  5. Great "old" photo! I used to ski a lot and I want to start again soon, but this isn't a good ski season here in Colorado because there's no snow.

  6. Credit to you! I burn the old photos (just kidding). Awesome shot from last season!

  7. I see lots of white out posts in the near future!!!!!!


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