Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gingerbread Fun

This week's 52 Photos Project meme is "What's cooking?"  The challenge - capture something that's happening in your kitchen. husband does most of the cooking.  And I haven't had time to do any Christmas baking.  So instead of sharing something from my kitchen, I thought I'd share some fun gingerbread creations from my after-Thanksgiving Bend trip.

Zip line gingerbread man

The Sunriver Lodge, south of Bend, hosts an annual display of gingerbread houses.  Anyone can enter a culinary creation.  There are entries from small children, all the way up to local businesses. 

The gingerbread adventure park

There was a couple dozen gingerbread "houses" on display.  One of my favorites was the gingerbread adventure park, complete with a licorice/candy cane zip line!

I took the fisherman's photo for my husband

The adventure park also featured a skier, kayaker, mountain biker, and this fisherman, casting for goldfish crackers.  So creative!

The brewpub was my favorite

But this entry was my favorite.  Bet you can't guess why!

To see more of what's happenin' in the kitchen, head on over to the 52 Photos Project website.

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  1. They look far too good to eat. Some people are just so creative.

  2. Loved hearing you say, "my husband does most of the cooking." So does mine - I hate to cook, my mother was a terrible cook so no traditions engrained in me, and that somewhat alienates me in the weight loss blog world where I primarily blog as most of those people are wonderful cooks who love creating in the kitchen and can't imagine anyone otherwise. So my husband who is everything I am NOT in the kitchen and loves it, does 99% of our cooking. Love the gingerbread houses. Grove Park Inn, a famous luxury inn just over the border from me in Asheville, NC, hosts a huge Gingerbread House contest every year. We're hoping to drive over Monday to see Christmas at Biltmore and the gingerbread houses at Grove Park.

  3. The brewpud is adorable, but the zipline is so creative! Thanks for sharing.

  4. The brewpud is adorable, but the zipline is so creative! Thanks for sharing.

  5. these are fun!! Love the fish pond, really cute :)

  6. LOVE the gingerbread man on the zipline!

  7. so fun to see all these great gingerbread houses!

  8. This has to be the most *fun* gingerbread creation I've seen so far!
    Thank you for sharing.


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