Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Weekly photo challenge time!  The current prompt from my friends over at the 52 Photos Project is Delicate.

That's a tough topic.  The first thing that came to mind was a flower.  But I've been posting lots of flower photos lately.  I wanted something different.

Going back through my photo archives, I hit gold.  Oregon is rich in waterfalls, and I've got many photos of lovely cascades.  The above image is Middle North Falls located in Silver Falls State Park.  This lacy cascade is especially fetching in the spring, when snowmelt swells the water volume, and everything is a rich shade of green.

Check out more wonderful images here in Gallery 15 of the 52 Photos Project.


  1. Wow, this photo is amazing! So beautiful:)

  2. Perfect for this prompt - Oregon is full of amazing beauty

  3. that water is fantastic!
    so very pretty...wish i was sitting on that bank...

  4. Beautiful waterfall! I can't wait to get out to Oregon someday, everything looks so lush.

  5. lovely shot ;-)
    visiting from 52 photos project
    thanks for following my blog

  6. Wow! Your photos make me really want to visit Oregon :)


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