Thursday, July 26, 2012


Time for the weekly 52 Photos Project challenge!  This week's prompt is white.

Yep, white.  The color white.  You know, that's an easy topic for me.  The avid skier that I am, I've got oodles of photos featuring lovely white snow.  The only hard part - which one to choose?

I finally settled on this shot, taken last February during my ski photography class.  I caught this snowboarder mid-spray as he was charging through the powder.  This was one of my instructor's favorite photographs.  He said I did a great job capturing the action.

So for all of you suffering in the summer heat, here's a cool snowy scene.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself on an icy ski slope.  Aaahhhhh..... this makes me wish for winter. 

Check out the 52 Photos Project Gallery 14 for more creative images.


  1. Nice! and thanks for the mental cool down. the heat is oppressive here.

  2. I'm ready for some snow too!! Love the photo - it reminds me of some that I took of my son water skiing and him kicking up a spray. Very cool how the images are similar for the snow and water.

  3. Beautiful picture! And I love all your sports adventures!

  4. while still enjoying the heat of summer, I do love your capture!

  5. i'm enjoying this vision of chilly snow :)
    a ski photography class??? that sounds fun!

  6. Such a perfect shot! And definitely nice to see the freezing snow while it's heatwaving over here in NJ.

  7. I like the action shot! It's winter here but luckily never snow-cold. Although this just MAYBE tempts me to head down south to take some snow shots..! :)


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