Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It's time again for the 52 Photos Project weekly prompt. This week's topic is growth.  What's growing in your neck of the woods?

In my backyard, there's a circular raised flower bed.  When my son was in high school, he put a greenhouse on this spot.  This structure lasted until he went off to college.  Upon taking it down, my husband discovered the footprint had left a bare circular area in the middle of our lawn.  We jokingly referred to it as our "UFO landing site."

But my hubby, the green thumb that he is, turned this barren area into a wonderful raised flower bed.  Every year he puts in tomato plants and a wide array of different flowers. 

When my son was home in mid-May, he bought a large packet of wildflower seeds and planted them all in this circular planter.  Later in the summer, I noticed a ton of thick, green plants emerging from the soil.  At first I thought they were all weeds, and asked my husband if we should take them out.  He refused to pull the plants, believing the "weeds" were mostly flowers.

The hubby was so right.  Last week the entire flower bed erupted in a blaze of colorful bachelor buttons.  My son is due back in town next week.  His timing couldn't be more perfect - the flowers should be at the height of their bloom.  Now he'll get to enjoy the fruits of his labor. 

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  1. gorgeous photo! wish i could see the whole must be incredible!

  2. I love your blaze of bachelor buttons, great colours, great shot!

  3. Wow, lovely! I think we've been photographing the same flowers across the seas :)

  4. What a fantastic surprise! Gorgeous photo!

  5. Great shot of your walk and the "growth" image is beautiful. Cheers


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