Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Roger and I have discovered one of the great things about attending college football games.  Thanks to my friend Chuck, we've been introduced to tailgating.

There's always a crowd around the food

Chuck is a proud OSU alumni.  One of Chuck's college friends Darrell,  and his wife, Sandy, have a tailgating parking spot.  At the next home game, Chuck invited us to stop by.

Halloween "eyeball" jello shots

Darrell is known for his jello shots, which are passed out to all who visit.  This week, the shots had a "Halloween" theme, with gummy eyeballs included in each one.

Everyone tries a jello shot

I wasn't brave enough to try them, but Chuck, Roger and Denise each sucked down an eyeball.

Roger with our beautiful daughter

Denise had a big test to study for, so she wasn't planning to attend the game.  But she joined her mom and dad for a little pre-game tailgating.

Food and conversation

Darrell and Sandy have a great tailgating spot located in a large parking lot just outside of Reser Stadium.  The parking lot is full of people having tailgate parties.  Walking through the lot, checking out everyone's setups is great fun.  Some are elaborate, decked out with canopies, flags, tables, and gas grills.  Others are very simple - a few camping chairs and coolers.  But you can tell everyone is having a good time.

Game day flags

There's tons of food to nibble on.  And maybe just a small amount of alcoholic libations....

Me and my daughter

Denise is 21 now, so she can join the party.  It's a weird feeling, drinking alcohol with your youngest child.

Chuck and his wife Janice

Of course, everyone is decked out in all things orange and black (go Beavs!).

Here comes the OSU marching band!

The OSU band marched through the parking lot, giving the tailgaters a little pre-game cheer.

The band marched by the tailgaters

There's nothing like loud marching band music to get you in the mood for a football game!

Fall colors coming on strong

Several people had footballs, and it wasn't long before they took to the parking lots to practice their passing.  Denise and Roger joined in the fun.

Parking lot football

And the game......?  Well, let's just say that the tailgating was the best part of this game day!!  (Better luck next week)

Thanks Darrell and Sandy for letting us join you!


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