Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beaver Fever

It's that time of year again.  The leaves are beginning to turn colors.  The morning air is crisp and cool.  Rain is returning to our forecasts.  My daughter headed back to college.  And that's time for another Oregon State Beaver football season!

Beaver fan on I-5

Roger and I again bought tickets to three OSU home football games.  By the time our first game rolled around, the Beavs had already amassed a 0-4 record.  Not a very promising start.  But for our chosen game, OSU was playing the Arizona Wildcats, a team with a record just as bad as the Beavs.  It was our best chance for a win.

A super Beaver fan

Driving down I-5 on game day is a lot of fun.  Many people decorate their vehicles with favorite team colors.  You see lots of college team flags flapping from car windows.  It's fun to pass (or be passed by) all the tricked out autos (especially if they're Beaver fans!). 

The fun spectacle outside Reser Stadium

Upon our arrival in Corvallis, Roger and I picked up Denise and her roommate Kristen from their new apartment.  We headed over to Reser Stadium to check out the pre-game activities.

Denise and Kristen ready for the big game

There were lots of booths outside of the stadium, giving out samples, or offering some sort of contest.

Roger testing his arm in the football toss

Roger gave the football toss a try.  Since he played football in high school, this wasn't too difficult for him.

The girls try some jello shots

My hiking friend Chuck was tailgating with some of his friends in a nearby parking lot.  He invited us to stop by. 

Tailgating - a football tradition

Chuck's friends had a table loaded with all kinds of good snacks.  They also had a cooler full of beer, soda and water.  And they also offered us some jello shots.  Roger and I didn't partake, but Denise and Kristen were more adventurous.

Roger and I are ready for the game

After fortifying ourselves with beer and snack food, it was time to head into the stadium for the main event.

Reeser Stadium panoramic

The day was cloudy and and threatening rain when we left Portland that morning.  I thought about bringing my sunglasses, but ended up leaving them at home thinking with the cloudy weather, they wouldn't be needed.  Well, about kickoff time, the skies cleared and the day became beautiful and sunny (and it's all because I didn't bring my sunglasses!)

The band takes the field

In the minutes leading up to kickoff, the stands slowly filled in.  By game time, the stadium was a sea of orange.  Arizona fans were few and far between.  Not a lot of Wildcats made the trip to support their team.

Here comes the team!

The game started out slow, with both teams still scoreless after the first quarter.  But in the second quarter, OSU came to life.  They scored three touchdowns, and a field goal, making the score 27-6 by halftime.  All us Beaver fans were estatic.  We were on track to finally win a game!

Band halftime performance

But after halftime, the Wildcats roared back into action, scoring three touchdowns.  All the Beavs were able to do is score a paltry field goal.  By the beginning of the 4th quarter, the score had crept to 27-30, with OSU just barely ahead.  Watching our large lead evaporate, we Beaver fans were getting mighty nervous!

The Beavs trying to score

But the Beavs pulled it off.  They sealed the deal, scoring their final touchdown with 5 minutes left in the game.  The fans in the stands went wild with joy.

Sunburned faces after a surprise sunny day

To celebrate, we all hit the local pizza place after the game.  Denise and Kristen also misjudged the weather, and had sunburned faces to show for it.

The Beavs win kept our hopes alive for the next game.  Fingers crossed that this is the beginning of more victories! 


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