Friday, November 19, 2010

Linda's Lens

I'm never without my trusty camera!

After reading dozens of other people's blogs, with their clever titles, I decided the name "Linda's Blog" was kinda boring.  I needed a new name.  But what could I call my blog?  Hmmm.......  ( I'm an engineer, and we are not known for our creativity!) 

And then one day in the shower it came to me (good ideas always happen in the most unusual places).  I like photography.  I take tons of pictures.  I post many photos.  My blog captures life through a camera lens.  Linda's Lens!! 

So I'd like to unveil the new name of my blog - Linda's Lens.  To my readers, (I think there are a couple of you out there!) I hope you like the change, and please continue to check in for more photos and stories of my adventures.


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