Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Another Winter Sunrise

You might be sick of my sunrise pics - but this one's too good not to share.  

Back in mid-January, while driving to Mt Hood for a day of skiing, I mentioned to my friend that Jonsrud Viewpoint, just outside of the town of Sandy was a fabulous place to catch sunrise. 


Sunrise at Jonsrud Viewpoint

My friend remarked he'd never been to said viewpoint.  As a  matter of fact, he didn't even know where it was located.


Colorful sky


As we began to drive through Sandy, I noticed the sky starting to turn colors.  The clouds were also looking interesting.  Seeing the beginnings of what looked to be an amazing sunrise, I turned the car around and headed straight to the viewpoint.


The Sandy River below Mt Hood


Great decision!  Not only did my friend get to see this wonderful overlook, the sunrise was definitely memorable.


Amazing clouds!


A great beginning to a wonderful day of skiing on my favorite mountain.


  1. So glad you turned back. Absolutely spectacular colour!

  2. ...I will never tire of your sunrise images.

  3. Beautiful! You were just in the right place at the right time! Did you ski in your streets this week? Hope you have electricity and the ice melts:)

  4. Stunning, I never tire of Sunrises or sunsets, though I do like sunrises it makes you good to feel alive

  5. Hello, Linda
    I would never be tired of seeing your sunrise images. Your photos are just gorgeous, what a beautiful sight to see. Take care, enjoy your day!


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