Sunday, February 23, 2020

An Autumn Tour Through Silver Falls State Park

If you're gonna be late, be very late.  That's why I'm just now getting around to posting photos from what was a great autumn color season in NW Oregon.

South Falls, Silver Falls State Park

From past experience visiting Silver Falls State Park, I knew that peak fall color usually occurred in mid-October.  So my photo-buddy Cheri and I hatched a plan to visit on the third weekend of that month.

Moss and golden leaves

Prepare to be amazed!  Silver Falls State Park is a waterfall lovers paradise that I visit every year in the fall.  Not only does it boast ten beautiful cascades, the surrounding forest erupts in one of the best displays of autumn color anywhere.

More trail scenery

The day of our planned visit was a typical Pacific NW rainy, misty day.  Perfect conditions for photography - cloudy, even light made for zero shadows and vivid colors.

Silver Creek view

From the south parking area, Cheri and I first stopped at the overlook to South Falls.  I was happy to see the adjacent tree in peak color - a fiery bright orange.

Those mossy tree branches made great photo subjects

After recording copious images, Cheri and I slowly made our way down the trail to the waterfall's base, snapping shots of the lovely golden foliage and mossy tree branches lining our path.

Another shot of South Falls

Not only does Silver Falls State Park have a slew of fantastic waterfalls, the surrounding Bigleaf maple forest is equally stunning.

Fog, moss and leaves

Mossy tree branches stretching over the trail looked like old, gnarled arms.

Colorful vine maple leaves

Fantastic fall leaves weren't confined to the canyon where all the waterfalls resided.  Cheri and I also discovered some colorful vine maple trees right next to the parking lot.

Vine maple adjacent to the parking lot

I love vine maple as their leaves erupt in red, orange and yellow.  A cornucopia of color!

Cheri blends into the leaves

Cheri's bright yellow raincoat blended perfectly with the golden vine maple leaves.  Can you spot her?

Fall colors on North Falls Trail

From photos recently posted on the internet, I knew the canyon below North Falls was sporting some fantastic fall colors.  I suggested to Cheri that we check it out.

North Falls Trail

The trail to this cascade is short.  However, the fabulous golden leaves along the trail delayed our cameras so much I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever get there!  (A good problem to have)

Behind North Falls

The cool thing about this waterfall is the trail directs hikers to deep grotto behind the cascade.  The views looking out into the forest from behind it's watery curtain are first-rate.

My fave shot behind North Falls

And of course the fantastic autumn colors made this great view even better!  Recent rains had North Falls absolutely roaring, and the force of the water tumbling over it's dropoff was spectacular.  Cheri suggested instead of photographing the cascade using a slow shutter speed (like I usually do) to freeze the churning water with a fast shutter.  I took her advice and really liked the way my photos turned out.

One more North Falls image

Silver Falls State Park in autumn never disappoints!  I visit this park every year, and think this was one of the best fall color shows I've ever seen here.  Glad Cheri and I were able to hit it at peak leaf color. 

Hope you enjoyed the show.


  1. ...Linda, I never tire of seeing images of your beautiful part of the world.

  2. Amazing fall colors. Such a beautiful corner of the world. Silver Falls State Park is really great for a hike and for taking photos. Really enjoyed your post, as always!

  3. Pretty! I've never made it over there.

  4. Your timing was spot on and the colours are gorgeous. I used to do a walk in Wales where the only route was around behind the waterfall, but the water fell just a couple of feet away from you - interesting when the wind was in the wrong direction!

  5. You can never go wrong with Silver Falls SP...but the Fall! Stunning photos!

  6. So beautiful, the colours are amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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