Saturday, June 2, 2018

Soggy Spring Critters

"April showers bring May flowers....."

Yeah, yeah, but they also cancel hiking trips.

Soggy squirrel

The first weekend of April I had big plans to get back on the trails, making up for the time I'd spent in Arizona.  BUT - the weatherman warned that an "atmospheric river" was barrelling it's way towards Oregon, packing high winds and plenty of rain.  And like an unwanted house guest, it of course timed its arrival for the weekend.

Bird feeder bandit

Like a true Oregonian, I don't mind hiking in the rain - I've done it many times.  But the combination of heavy rain and high winds meant the possibility of downed trees.  Trekking through the woods in a windstorm is not the safest activity.  So I sucked it up and stayed home.

Trying to hide

Sunday morning, I was drinking my morning tea while watching raindrops batter the windows.  Then I noticed a very soggy squirrel doing acrobatics on our bird feeder. 

You lookin' at me?

The rain didn't appear to bother that furry rascal in the least!  I grabbed my camera and began snapping shots.


After awhile Mr. Squirrel got tired of seeing my camera through the window, and beat a hasty retreat.

First flowers of spring

So I trained my lens on other things.  Such as these brightly colored flowers in our garden.  The first bulbs to bloom!

Our ducks returned!

Every spring a pair of ducks make their home in our backyard pond.  As luck would have it, the female duck decided to waddle by.

Duck and tulips

Of course, ducks don't mind the rain at all!


After the squirrel departed, a flock of doves decided it was safe to visit the bird feeder.  This little dove was eating the seed that had spilled on the ground below.

Doves braving the downpour

One pair of doves perched themselves on our backyard fence.  The rain was coming down in sheets, but it didn't seem to bother them at all.

Blooming trees

Our neighbors have a tree that blooms in lovely pink flowers every year.  Combined with our pear tree blossoms it makes a colorful sight.  And I swear I take the same image each April. 

Although I didn't get to partake in any outdoor activities, I didn't totally miss out.  That weekend the outdoors decided to come to me!

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  1. Love the ducks, doves and flowers! What a crafty little squirrel!

  2. You see the same critters that I do in my yard, even though we are on different sides of the continent.

  3. Hello Linda, Sorry about the rainy weather. I love the pretty spring blossoms. The squirrel is a cutie. The Dove is a sweet bird. It is neat you have ducks in your pond and yard. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead. PS, thanks for the comment on my blog.

  4. ...great captures, the squirrel is wonderful.

  5. Fotografias de uma grande beleza em especial a primeira sequência está espectacular.
    Um abraço e bom Domingo.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

  6. What a cute squirrel. Hiking in the rain is definitely not a Colorado thing!

  7. What lovely, joyful photos!

  8. Like the wildlife. The doves are cute. Similar to the ones here that are really fun to watch with unusual calls and acrobatic flying skills.

  9. Every time we consider OR as a place to live we also wonder how we'd deal with having to hike in the rain all winter long (as well as other times of the year)! Lovely shots despite the rain!

  10. You have some beautiful bulbs in your yard!! Perfect backdrop for that Duck. Silly squirrel what they won't do for food:(

  11. I laughed out loud at the squirrel antics and drooled over your pretty flowers. :-)

  12. All that from the comfort of home!

  13. Hahah--the antics of squirrels are always so amusing! I'd love some rain here, It always seems to be feast or famine.

  14. A lovely post. The squirrel was comical. Very pretty spring flowers. Bummer on the rain but that's the PNW in the spring.


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