Monday, July 10, 2017

Morning on the Deschutes

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Central Oregon, visiting my daughter and brother who are lucky enough to live in this wonderful outdoor playground.  I've already shared photos of  Mt Bachelor's rollicking pond skim in the prior post.  The following day, my hubby and brother decided to try their luck fishing in the Deschutes River.  This scenic waterway winds through the heart of Bend, making for easy access.

Rocky cliff reflections

Although not a fisherman(woman?) I am a photographer, and keen to capture some early morning light on the river, decided to tag along.

Lovely blue blossom

Riverbend Park was the perfect place to start our stroll.  After passing the restrooms and playground, a paved path switched to narrow dirt trail following the river's grassy bank.  Rocky cliffs from the opposite shore produced perfect reflections on it's glassy waters.

More beautiful (but unknown) flowers

Wildflowers were out in force!  I admired a patch of violet-blue blossoms, and captured several images of an unknown tiny mauve flower (gotta brush up on my Central Oregon plant id!)

Bright blue water

While my men searched the riverbank for possible fishing holes, I lagged behind, snapping away.

Riverside vegetation

Finally the guys decided to try their luck from a series of large rocks. 

Hubby fishing on colorful waters

I snuck a few images to document their attempts at landing the "big one."

Brother Dale fishing too

Even though fishing was slow, the scenery was fantastic!

Rollicking rapids

When hubby finally did land a fish, we all got a good laugh.  His "lunker" was a tiny trout, barely large enough to escape being considered as bait.  After a quick couple of photos, it was promptly returned to the river (my hubby's a firm believer in catch and release).

Tiny trout

Getting bored of watching the fishermen, I continued downriver.  Lots of interesting things to see - churning rapids, a long wooden bridge, and quiet pine forests.

Serene waters

Fed by snowmelt, the Deschutes appeared above capacity.  However, despite the high water, it looked peaceful.

Small rapids

By mid-morning the riverside trail became congested with hikers and runners.  Quite a few dogs also tagged along, some staying at their master's sides, where others roamed as far as their leash allowed.

More lovely wildflowers

By then the men decided it was time to pack it in.  Although only bagging one tiny fish each (which were promptly released) both hubby and brother said they had a good time.  And I did too. 


  1. Gorgeous place to go fishing and at least he caught a fish!

  2. ...I've always found the name Deschutes interesting! I hope that your husband caught something bigger!

  3. Hello, love the pretty views of the river. The wildflowers are lovely! Beautiful series of photos, sounds like a great family outing. Happy Tuesday, have a great day!

  4. That is a really beautiful place. No wonder you couldn't resist taking loads of photos.

  5. A perfect morning, beside a beautiful stream.

  6. The Deschutes is such is a pretty river. I hope you have an opportunity to explore it further south of town where it flows through some gorgeous meadows and lava chutes. Great hiking and mountain biking there!

  7. That is indeed a beautiful river, and such pretty photos.

  8. Looks a lovely river valley. When you are into photography there is always something to capture your attention and it really changes how you view the world in a different way- like an artist. I've even been entranced for hours snapping unusual yellow coloured spiders in a muddy ditch in a local supermarket car park as it expands the universe in every direction, both large and small.

  9. the little blue flowers are gorgeous. lots of lovely scenery.

  10. Hi! Nice hiking for you and good fishing for men. And being released,fish are very happy too.

  11. I had a good laugh at your husbands fish! LOL!!

  12. When are you coming back? I haven't been to Bend at all. All those crowds scare me!

  13. Lovely time outdoors with flowers which make lovely photos! Not been over there in a long time. One of these day!

  14. Great captures. I don't get out there often enough, but I love the area.

  15. And I am you use a camera, not a fishing pole. These are beautiful photos!

  16. What a great trip down the river. I've visited this river and the rapids can be quite something to see. - I agree I'd rather take photo then fish but growing up with a dad who loved fishing I often tagged along. - Sure enjoyed your wonderful photos.

  17. Oh I forgot to mention that was some catch your hubby made!

  18. Stunning riverside photos and flowers

  19. I think you had the better catch, Linda!


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