Friday, January 20, 2017

More From Central Oregon

While visiting Central Oregon for Christmas, I was lucky enough to witness lots of photo-worthy scenes (in this part of the world, it isn't difficult).  Although tons of photos were amassed, I didn't feel there was enough of one subject to constitute an entire blog post.  Sooo......instead I've decided to create a hodge-podge featuring my fave random images from the holiday weekend. 


Three Sisters at sunrise

The house my daughter and her boyfriend are renting has killer views of the Cascade peaks.  One morning, my hubby and I happened to be awake in time to watch sunrise turn the snow-capped Three Sisters mountains pink.

View towards Smith Rock State Park

There's also a wonderful view of the snowy peaks near Smith Rock State Park from her front door.

Frosty branches

My brother's house has a stand of gorgeous aspen trees in his front yard.  The day we arrived, bright sunlight was illuminating their frozen branches.

Blue sky and aspens

There's nothing that says winter like snowy white aspens against the blue sky!

Colorful ornaments

My sister-in-law loves to decorate for the holidays.  She hung a bunch of colorful ornaments on a nearby tree, and recent snowfall left them all with snowy, white hats. 

Snow-topped ornament

What great photo subjects, don't you think?

Great holiday decor!

I especially liked this large blue and gold striped ornament. 

Snow-flocked bush

I had a bit of cabin fever, so decided to grab my camera and take a walk through my brother's snowy neighborhood.  A harsh winter thus far, there was about three feet of snow piled up on the ground.  But it sure made for some great flocking on this nearby bush.

Snowy weeds

It even made these dry, brown weeds look lovely.  Snow crystals seemed to glitter in the bright sunlight.

The locals having lunch

In my brother's neighborhood, one thing that's not in short supply is the wildlife.  Large numbers of hungry deer prowl front yards in search of food.

The deer make themselves at home

And they're not very afraid of humans.  Or their cars.

Bright red berries

I loved these snow-covered red berries in someone's yard.  Very festive!

More snowy berries

Although not as vivid, I thought these berries were pretty too.

My brother's front yard had lots of snow!

I like this view of my brother's front yard, surrounded by tall, white aspens (and plenty of snow!)

Hungry buck

Later that afternoon, it was wildlife watching at it's finest, as a herd of deer ambled through the front yard.  They were right outside my brother's bedroom window - I didn't even have to leave the house!

Raiding the bird feeder

The deer were attracted to some spilled grain from a bird feeder.

Doe and fawn

My favorite was a fluffy little fawn, following his mother.

The fluffy little fawn was adorable!

Although the winter months can be tough on wildlife, these deer looked well fed.  Between raiding bird feeders and soft-hearted people leaving out food, they seemed to be doing just fine.

Too cute!

Although I'm not in favor of feeding wildlife, it was fun to watch these beautiful creatures from the comfort of a warm house.


  1. Beautiful winter images. You really lucked out with the animal shots. They are amazing, cute too!

  2. Nature + camera + Linda = magical photographs.
    A joy to view on yet another, hot steamy morning!

  3. Anyone of those photos would make a fabulous Christmas card.

  4. Pretty darn neat! By the way I missed seeing the ornament trail.

  5. Beautiful photos - I love the ornaments capped with snow.

    Great buck!!

  6. Deer herds in the city? I'm not sure what to think. I have deer go through my place most nights. I notice town deer watch for traffic.I guess it's light enough that most of the time that they can see well at night and watch for traffic.

  7. Amazing photos of the deer. They must be so quiet to get that close.

  8. What a gorgeous series, Linda! And I love the deer!

  9. What a beautiful set of winter images! I especially love the ornaments!

  10. Oh WOW Linda, you captured some wonderful images. I love them all, hard to pick a favorite.

  11. There is certainly natural beauty and wildlife to spare in that part of the world. Great shots!

  12. Hello, love the cute deer! The views of the Three Sisters at sunrise is lovely. The Christmas balls with the snowy hats are pretty. Lovely series! Happy weekend!

  13. I like all the deer pictures, they look so happy! The snow scenes are wonderful. It looks magical there.

  14. these images are so beutiful. I love the snow capped ornaments and see the lovely deer

  15. They are beautiful animals aren't they? I love watching when they sneak through our yard, although ours aren't so friendly, they spook easy

  16. Lovely photos and great to see wildlife so close up even when they are relatively common!

  17. Nice selection- especially liked the decorations and the deer but all nice.

  18. That's the great thing about being keen on photography- you can turn any walk around the neighbourhood into a delightful one with the right conditions,a good eye for detail,and a slice of luck. Smashing wildlife and snowy globes.

  19. Snow at Christmas... sometimes you have to travel to find it, but it's worth it! Love the ornament photos, and who can resist photographing deer?

  20. beautiful ornaments! I don't like people who feed deer either, they can become a nuisance:(

  21. What lovely winter scenes. The bright red berries were so pretty and the deer were so delightful. I also love the pretty snow covered ornaments in the trees.


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