Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Silver Falls Autumn Finery

It's March - my daffodils are coming up, the trees are beginning to bloom.....and I'm going to blog about autumn colors!  (You know me, always behind)

South Falls

Upon returning home from our fantastic mid-October Utah trip, I was keen to check out the fall colors I'd been missing.  One of my favorite spots for autumn leaf peeping is Silver Falls State Park.

Golden leaves

A crown jewel of the Oregon Parks system, this 9,200 acre property is the largest and most popular state park in Oregon.  Situated in a deep basalt canyon are 10 gorgeous waterfalls, the area's main draw.

Leaf-littered path

This park is lovely year-round, but I think autumn is the best time to visit, when the dense forests erupt in brilliant color.

Trailside color

Planning my visit for a Friday off work, I was a bit disappointed to see the forecast called for rain.  But I decided to go anyway - maybe it would only be a few showers (I'm such an optimist!)

Another view of South Falls

But I pulled into the parking lot in the midst of a heavy downpour.  Ugh!  Good thing I brought my raingear.

Mossy trees

After suiting up and covering my backpack and camera, I headed down the paved path past the lodge, leading to the canyon and waterfalls.

More gorgeous color!

South Falls, the first waterfall on the trail, is visible a short distance from the lodge.  A gorgeous 177 foot tall cascade, it tumbles gracefully down a steep basalt cliff.  A hiking trail winds down the canyon wall, passing behind this cascade's lacy curtain.

South Falls looking up

The autumn leaves were fabulous!  Although a tiny bit past prime, there was no shortage of vibrant yellows and orange hues.  The cloudy, wet weather made the bright colors pop (one advantage of photography on a rainy day)

Bright leaf

Choosing a prime South Falls vantage, I set up my tripod, tried to position an umbrella over top, and got to work.

Cascade through the vegetation

The waterfall was running full and strong - another advantage of rainy day photography!

Lone leaf

After a few dozen photos of South Falls from above, I wandered down into the canyon for a capture at it's base.  I didn't lack for photo subjects along the way!  As a matter of fact, my trip took much longer as there was always something lovely to distract my camera.

Top 'o the falls

I'd hoped to hike further down the trail and visit a few more waterfalls.  But after a hour, the heavy rainfall had drenched my gear.  Not wanting to ruin my good camera, I beat a hasty retreat back up the canyon.

Multi-hued vine maple

On the return path to my car, I did get distracted again.  This lovely multi-colored vine maple tree was just begging to be photographed.

South Falls Lodge

As was the beautiful, rustic South Falls Lodge.  Framed by brilliant yellow leaves, and tall, stately Douglas Firs, how can any photographer pass up a scene like this?

Puddle bubble

I spied a couple of pretty leaves in a puddle and got inspired.  The raindrop ripple made for an interesting composition, and I patiently waited for the right moment to snap my shutter.  The bubble that happened to form was icing on the cake.

Colorful puddle

Fall colors are fleeting, and although poor weather hampered the day's explorations, I was still glad I'd made the trip.  Despite the rain, I came away with several lovely images.  Now, months later, it's been kind of fun to look back and remember the glorious autumn show, courtesy of Mother Nature, at Silver Falls State Park.

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  1. For a moment I thought you'd flipped into the southern hemisphere! It's never the wrong time of year to see such gorgeous colours and fine waterfalls.

  2. This is superb. The first image is perfect.

  3. Gorgeous fall color, I never tire of seeing. Raingear sure comes in handy around here, most of the year anyway.
    Great post, Linda!

  4. At whatever angle that waterfalls is so beautiful, most specially with long exposures.

  5. Gorgeous to see the autumn colours and these beautiful shots

  6. Belas e fantásticas fotografias.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  7. wow, the Autumn colors are lovely and the waterfalls is beautiful. My hubby would love to see this waterfall. Beautiful collection of photos. Have a happy day!

  8. I can see the rain didn't stop you from getting some awesome pictures, and that's a atunning waterfall! I like the maple leaves that are different from the ones we have here.

  9. Wonderful waterfalls every one! And those leaves and colors are stunning, Linda. :-)

  10. Spectacular photos! We've hiked a big loop at Silver Falls years ago and loved it. Though the summer crowds were a bit of a bummer.

    Assuming no catastrophes this summer, we will be in Portland area the last couple of weeks of August...perhaps we can manage a hike together!

  11. You tell an excellent story along with your photos.

  12. fall is a gorgeous time of year...thanks for the preview

  13. Awesome photos, Autumn at it's best. :)

  14. Stunning falls. I often think dull weather brings out the best colours of autumn and these photos seem to back that up. Sometimes bright sunshine is the biggest enemy as it can wash everything out for photography and if you are going to see waterfalls heavy rain is a bonus.
    Nice selection.

  15. I do love Oregon's waterfalls - we saw many while we traveled through one spring. No wonder it's so green and mossy there - so much rainfall. These fall colors are brilliant. Great rainy-day photos.

  16. Your photographic adventures are always worth waiting for. The colours would be vibrant in sunshine but the rainy feel adds to the expectation of the winter to come. Just beautiful!

  17. Well they say Autumn is a second spring and I agree. These were gorgeous. I've never been here. Where is this park located?

    1. Silver Falls State Park is east of Salem, Oregon. It's near the town of Silverton.

  18. Great colors and waterfalls. No daffodils here!

  19. Breathtaking shots Linda - I can almost feel the damp air on my cheeks and smell the glorious aromas of wet bark and leaves! Thank you for sharing this wonderful walk (don't think I'd have the stamina for it otherwise !! :-))

  20. Oh, nice! I need to visit here!

  21. Autumn seems very fitting for us here in Australia, so I did really love your photos.

  22. This is an absolutely beautiful series of photos. I love every one of them!

  23. What wonderful colors! Better late than never :)

  24. This is a great series of photos Linda! Late or not, these fall colors are amazing and what beautiful water falls! Your shots are stupendous. I will certainly visit that park if i ever get up your way again, or should say, when I get there. It is an area that I love. Thanks for sharing

  25. You have such a knack for capturing the essence of a place. Just gorgeous! I love Oregon parks, but I'm in Vermont and I don't get over there near enough.

  26. You live in such a beautiful place! Great shots!

  27. I come not only for the gorgeous photographs and stunning scenery but for that eternal optimism of yours as well! I might have hubby convinced to let me "stray" to Oregon without him next spring but I'll have to bring Cory. Cooking up plans/destinations, will be looking for a rental not far from a beach with tide pools preferably. Got suggestions feel free to let me know!

  28. I can never get enough of Autumn. Your shots are absolutely stunning and make me yearn for the summer to be over (not that it's here yet!). Autumn is my favourite season especially with the brown and rusty colours that you have shown here, and that waterfall, wow, exquisite!

  29. Lovely colors and my favorite time of year...the fall leaves are so pretty.

  30. Love to see your pictures. The waterfalls looks special to me because it seems thins and fragile. It is like the water is falling in a very delicate way. Great photos!

  31. Great - if a little unseasonal! I think mist and soft rain bring out colours like these.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  32. I guess I sort of blog by season...hmmmm. And these are beautiful...I have yet to see a waterfall like that in any season,

  33. Gorgeous captures! I love fall colours and I always enjoy seeing them. The waterfall is spectacular.


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