Saturday, June 20, 2015

Seaside Sunset

It had been a busy day.  Up at dawn to catch the sunrise, to Cape Perpetua for high tide, Heceta Head Lighthouse, and back to Cape Perpetua again at low tide.... By dinnertime I was worn out.  Back at my cozy little yurt, it was mighty tempting to kick back and enjoy the bottle of wine I'd brought.

But one item remained on my to-do list - capturing a sunset on the Oregon coast.

Relaxin' at the yurt

So about 7 o'clock that evening, I reluctantly tore myself away from my comfy chair on the yurt's front porch and grabbed my camera gear.

Lovely evening light at Bob Creek Wayside

Driving back and forth between Cape Perpetua and Heceta Head had given me a chance to check out this stretch of coastline.  For sunset photography, I wanted a beach with something of interest - tall seastacks or a rocky headland I could silhouette against the sky.

Some nice splashy waves too

In the end I chose Bob Creek Wayside, due to it's lack of crowds and picturesque rocky shoreline.

The rocky shores were most picturesque

Upon arrival at my beach of choice, I was pleased to discover low-angle evening light illuminating things quite nicely.

A beautiful evening

I wandered amongst a rock-riddled shoreline, trying to capture more crashing waves, while scoping out the best place to photograph a setting sun.

Evening light on the shore

Although the day had been sunny and warm with clear skies, a light misty fog was beginning to creep in.  I hoped it didn't interfere with the sunset.

A surfer and her dog

I was alone on the beach except for a couple of surfers.  Their dog waited patiently on the beach until it's owner paddled ashore, and then happily ran to meet her.  A very cute reunion!

There goes the sun!

After walking down and then back up the water's edge, I finally located my sunset spot.  Bob Creek burbled lazily into the the surf, rocky outcrops caught huge waves, and a tall headland anchored one side. Yes, this would do nicely.

Huge waves crash against the rocks

Anyway, as good as I was gonna get - about the time I'd decided upon this spot, the sun was already beginning to slip downward, coloring the sky.

Lovely sky colors

Hurriedly, I stretched out my tripod legs and positioned it facing west.  Clouds had begun forming over the ocean.  At first I was disappointed, thinking they would obscure the sun.  But as the light sank lower, I realized their wispy layers added a dash of interest to the sky.

Almost down....

The sky began to turn a lovely shade of orange.  I was pleased to see this color reflecting nicely in the wet sand.  Crashing waves in the background didn't hurt either!

The sky turned a gorgeous orange-red

Slipping below the horizon, the sun's last rays illuminated evening skies a brilliant red-orange.

The sky reflected on the beach

Whose colors again reflected beautifully in the wet sand and waters of Bob Creek.

Fading pinks on the sand

By now, the surfers had left, and I was all alone on this rocky beach.  Temperatures began to drop, and a light mist crept in, fogging my glasses and camera lens.

Daylight's last gasp

But I stayed put on that damp, chilly beach until the last light faded from the sky.  So lovely, I didn't want to leave.  What an amazing sunset!


In the end, I was happy I didn't succumb to the pull of my cozy yurt and bottle of wine.  Capturing that sunset was the high point of an already incredible day.  I'm learning that getting those extraordinary photographs always requires a bit of sacrifice.  But, as you can see, the rewards are well worth it!

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  1. I like the one you have titled lovely sky colours best. Yet again an enjoyable post. Thank you.

  2. Yes we persevere in our nature photography, don't we? Lovely photos, Linda. The color is amazing. We went whale watching yesterday. No whales sighted but I got some good bird photos. We had fun,too. Have a good weekend, my friend.

  3. Hello Linda, I am glad you adventured back out to enjoy the sunset. Now we all get to enjoy the beautiful sky and lovely scenery too. I think you picked a great spot. I love the cute dog-surfer shot and the gorgeous sunset captures! Have a happy weekend!

  4. Wonderful captures! Nothing like being out enjoying nature - and taking photographs of it, of course!

  5. I am SOOOO homesick (we will be back in Oregon in less than two weeks). You found a real sweet spot for your sunset pictures and certainly deserved that bottle of wine when you got back to that cozy yurt and comfy porch! Beautiful Oregon Coast. There's no bad places anywhere, but you make me hope to make the Cape Perpetua area our first coastal destination after we settle in!

  6. Ah, but the wine was still waiting when you got back to the yurt! Gorgeous photos! Well worth the effort and wait. Thanks for taking me there!

  7. such a beautiful sunset you got there...I haven't been to Oregon but I can see some of its beauty now :).Cheers..

  8. My kind of beach for sure! Beautiful photos Linda--loved the colors! Great first photo of you too in front of your yurt:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  9. gorgeous sunset. I would have been there too if I'd have been photographing. I hang till last light.

  10. You found a sunset, and a beautiful one at that. Wait... make that gorgeous!
    Great post, Linda!

  11. Stunning photographs. Well worth the effort. You can drink in these photographic memories for years to come - better than any bottle of wine.

  12. Beautiful photos and an inspiring post-thank you!

  13. I agree with the previous comments. These are awesome shots. Very well done.

  14. Stunning images. I'm so glad the sunset put on a show for you. So you could share it with us.

  15. Just gorgeous! We didn't get any spectacular Florida sunsets last week, so I'll enjoy yours!

  16. What an awesome sunset - you certainly found a great place to capture it!

  17. Absolutely gorgeous, Linda!

  18. Awesome sunset shots well worth the trip! You reminded me I need to check my flash light batteries in my camera bag...cause I was thinking I hope she has a flashlight to walk back to her car! :)

  19. Amazing! It's so rare here that we have a sunset that does anything but disappear behind the bank of stratus clouds. I've sort of stopped trying to get a shot of the sunset. I love (and am a little jealous, to be honest) that the fog and weather play nice for you!!

  20. The yurt looks so fun and cozy!

  21. Stunning evening views of the coastline. The sky colours reflected in the water are delightful.

  22. FABULOUS IMAGES OF THE SETTING SUN. Each one special in its own way and I loved the reflection of the sky on the beach as well. I am glad you decided to drink that bottle of wine after these shots!!!

  23. Hi! Very beautiful beach photos. Your sunset photos are breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Nice series - Iv'e heard it said the no two are alike

  25. Hello Linda,
    Very wonderful pictures.
    Great to see the view along the coast. Lovely colors of the sunset.

    Many greetings,

  26. Stunning Linda! Just stunning. I love to see sunsets, saying goodbye to the day in such a colourful way. Very inspiring xx

  27. Ohhhh yeah!!! You did good!!! Nice captures of a beautiful sunset! And you chose the perfect beach!!!

  28. Just beautiful Linda and I bet you enjoyed the wine even more on your return.

  29. So glad you left your cozy spot to capture this beautiful sunset. What a rewarding day you had!

  30. What a wonderful sunset sequence! And you squeezed a lot into that day too!

  31. Nice wave action. I always like a busy sea as it makes for interesting beach shots.

  32. You got some gorgeous photos of the sunset. The colours are amazing.

  33. A PERFECT sunset spot! I am so glad you got some color! The past few half dozen times of my going to the coast, a colorful sunset has eluded me. I always seem to go on a rainy day :( I am going again in 3 weeks. Wish me luck!

  34. Definitely worth leaving the yurt and wine behind for a few hours!

  35. Looking back at these...they are just so stunning. Nothing beats a seaside sunset!!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  36. What gorgeous sunset photos! I especially love the ones that reflect in the water, and turn the sand to sunset colors. And how nice that you had the beach to yourself, to take pictures with no distractions. That can be so rare.


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