Friday, April 17, 2015


I've never seen so many tulips in my life!

Windmill and tulip field

It's a Portland tradition to visit the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm near Woodburn, Oregon for their spring bloom.  Offering 40 acres of colorful tulips, it's a lovely kaleidoscope of colors. 

Sea of tulips...

BUT - in all the years I've lived in Oregon I'd yet to visit.  Last year, after seeing friend's photos and hearing great things about the tulip fest, I vowed to be there for spring 2015.

Mud puddle reflections

I love finding and following local Oregon bloggers.  This past year, I discovered Becky's blog, and became one of her blogging buddies.  We shared a mutual love of photography and discussed someday getting together for a photo session.

Becky lives near the tulip farm, and visits annually.  When I expressed a desire to to attend this year's fest, Becky generously offered to show me around.

Two-tone beauty

Early Good Friday morning found me heading south to the famous fields.  Although I didn't quite make sunrise, I did arrive before the day's crowds.  The fields were empty except for a few early bird photographers.

Looking up a row

While waiting for Becky, I wandered over to the main tent area.  It was decked out with several pots of different tulips.  A cute wooden windmill had been placed nearby.  Tulip fields spread out in all directions, as far as the eye could see.

Old tractor in the field

Holy cow, was there a lot of tulips!  Everywhere I looked, bands of brightly blooming flowers beckoned.  Where to begin?

Flowers up to the wheels

Lucky for me, about this time Becky arrived.  After initial hellos, I followed her lead, tagging along as she took shots of her favorite varieties.

Lovely red ones

There were so many things to photograph!  Along with the stunning rows of tulips, in every hue imaginable, the farm had also parked vintage tractors in random locations.  Brightly colored benches were located in strategic places.

Becky and I take a breather

Good for tired photographers to take a break!  (Don't you just love my muddy knees?)

Colorful stripes

Beings it was Good Friday, Becky had brought a cross she'd made from two sturdy twigs, wrapped with a red ribbon.  She took many shots of her cross amongst the tulips.

Becky with her cross

I captured a pic of Becky holding her cross above the flower fields.  A spur of the moment shot, when later reviewing the day's photos, this image stood out.  I think it's one of my favorites from the day. 

The fields go on and on...

This photo illustrates the vast size of the tulip fields.  Wide bands of color stretched out towards the horizon.  Amazing...incredible.....gorgeous....stunning....

Lacy pink tulip

I've never seen so many different colors or varieties of tulips.  Like these lacy, pink ones.

Out standing in the field!

Not only was Becky a great guide, she was also a good sport, posing for fun shots like this one. 
("The  hills are alive......with the colors of tulips...")

My fave picture

Probably my favorite was this patch of multicolored tulips.  Such pretty subjects, I wandered this field for a long time (and took a bazillion photos).

Rows of color

Some of the most interesting angles were achieved by getting down low and shooting towards the sky (now you know how I got the muddy knees!)

Reaching for the sky

By mid-morning, droves of people began flocking in.  It became hard to get a shot without someone in it.  And the wind began to kick up.  Although rain had been forecast, we'd lucked out with a dry morning.  But I could tell it wasn't gonna last.

Can't have tulips without wooden shoes

So Becky and I wandered over to the gift shop area.  Lots of people she knew were either working, or visiting the farm, and I met quite a few of her friends.  I even met Becky's daughter, who works at the tulip farm during bloom season.

Yellow wave

A large number of lovely bouquets were for sale, and Becky's daughter was nice enough to give me one.  I picked a bunch of gorgeous white and pink striped tulips.  So pretty, they'd make a nice centerpiece for my upcoming Easter dinner.

My own lovely bouquet

By one o'clock, rain droplets began spattering the ground.  But I was on my way home by then, a memory card full of wonderful shots from this extraordinary place.

Thanks Becky for showing me around!  We'll have to team up again.

(And please stop by Becky's blog to say hi! Tell her I sent ya.)

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  1. The colours of all these tulips are so stunning. So many in one place are amazing. I would not know where to begin photographing either. Wonderful photos.

  2. Breathtaking! So many of them.
    I do like the picture of you in those big wooden shoes in front of that vintage red truck.

  3. What a fun post. You captured the fields and the feel of the day beautifully...
    Love your new shoes!

  4. This is such a great and happy post! Love all of those tulips and the colors, as well as the way they have been planted. It's a good thing you came here during bloom!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. Very nice series - many nice pics- especially like the macro

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, Linda. At first I thought you were in Holland. LOL! I love your wooden shoes, too! :)

  7. Just beautiful! You know I love tulips, too. I think your fave is mine, too. :-)

  8. That's stunning! What wonderful shots!
    Please come link up at

  9. Linda, what a delightful adventure for you and your friend ~ Gorgeous tulips and love your macro shots ~ so creative and well done!


  10. Love the pink and white striped ones.

  11. Beautiful! That is an awesome place. My niece took photos of her children in those wooden shoes. It was fun to see from your prospective:)

  12. :O) Beautiful photos from the tulips!
    I like the photo with the big shoes,very nice!
    Have a lucky weekend
    Greetings from Hamburg

  13. Lovely, lovely tulips in the fields. Don't you wonder what happens to all these? Do they just die in the field?

    1. Linda Kay - the tulips are either sold as cut flowers or the bulbs are sold to the public. Looks like the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm ships anywhere. Here's their website:

  14. Be still my heart - I'll trade you one tulip field for some snow! Love the tulip and wheel shot, but all are brightening my day.

  15. WOW!!! Beautiful and stunning!! Loved all of the photos. Now THIS trip I may could hang in there with Hope you have a great weekend!!

  16. Incredible! Tulip heaven!! Spring has certainly sprung there xx

  17. It definitely pays to be an early bird. Breath taking colour and photography. You never disappoint.

  18. WOW, WOW, WOW! and such big shoes to fill. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  19. Cracking shots - not question that that is a lot of tulips!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  20. Great Tulip photos. My friends wife dragged him to Holland for the spring festival and he really enjoyed it, much to his surprise. That one looks just as spectacular and extensive. An artists palette, using fields and rows of bulbs instead of paint.

  21. Wow, Linda! What a great time with your new blogger friend.. The tulips and your photos are just a delight to the eyes. I love the shot of you and Becky out in the field of tulips! Awesome post, have a happy day!

  22. oh my goodness, that puts the 7 tulips I have to shame for sure! So beautiful!

  23. Beautiful - it reminds me of when I lived in Holland!

  24. That is heavenly beautiful. I wouldn't know where to make pictures from if I was there. This place is truly a delight.

  25. Thanks, Linda for sharing our day out amongst the tulips. That was so fun! And for linking up to my blog. I will do the same when I get mine done...there are more tulip photos to come. I've had a couple people comment already that came over to my blog. The colors are nearly gone now. Sigh, end of the season. Tulips are a favorite of mine now. When I am lonely for tulips, I just look at my photos!!! Have a great day, my friend!

  26. What a beautiful sight! And yes, I do love your 'photographer' muddy knees :)

  27. Wow! What a wonderful place for some amazing photos. I love all the wonderful colors.

  28. Wonderful photos! I love tulips in all colours.

  29. Stunning tulips! And how wonderful for you to meet another Oregon blogger!

  30. A delightful series of captures Linda - my favourite is the macro of the pink tulip with drops of moisture on the petals - brilliant! Early last year I had the pleasure of being shown around the Kuekenhof Gardens in the Netherlands, so I well appreciate the stunning colourful beauty of tulip fields. Thank you for sharing.

  31. I love these photos, Linda! I know a group of Canadian bloggers that also visit a tulip farm every spring, only theirs is located on the BC Washington State border. Their photos always make me smile and now yours beautiful photos have done the same. The pacific NW seems the ideal climate for tulip growing--it rivals Holland! It is so nice you met Becky, your blog friend, and had this wonderful day together!

  32. I am pretty much, such crazy color! And the wooden shoes are very impressive!

  33. Gorgeous photos, Linda! We didn't make it north to the Skagit valley this spring for our own tulip festival, and really missed the day spent amongst the tulips. Looks like you took full advantage of your visit, and how fun to explore with a new-found friend!

  34. Beautiful! I know I'm going to be sorry for missing the tulip festival this year--but it's great I can enjoy them on other blogs:) Especially LOVE the pink lacy tulip photo--gorgeous!
    Blessings, Aimee

  35. Hi! What a fantastic place! Your photos are very beautiful. I have never seen so many tulip flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Wow! That's a lot of tulips!

  37. Gorgeous! I've never visited a flower farm in full bloom and this one sure looks amazing! Thanks for taking me there!

  38. ZOWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linda, what gorgeous images of gorgeous flowers. We have nothing like this in Pa. Oh how I wish I could see this for real. TFS your pics though.


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