Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Rose

Here in Portland we've been having an unseasonably warm summer.  Temps have soared into the 90s for days on end, and we've hardly had a drop of rain since late June.  Although dry summer months are common here in the PNW (our reward for enduring the fall/winter/spring rains) the hot temperatures are not.

Portlanders don't know what to with so much sunshine.  We're used to cool, rainy, cloudy days.  Local lawns and flowers are taking a beating.  Nearly all our flowers have dried up (well.....forgetting to water them doesn't help....but normally we don't have to water very much!)

Luckily we have a few hardy rose bushes in our front yard that are still producing some lovely blooms.  My hubby discovered this gorgeous rose the other day.  Not only a creamy white, it's petals are tipped in a delicate shade of pink.  Nice to have something to brighten up our fried front yard!

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  1. So you forget to water too huh? LOL. Beautiful rose!

  2. Beautiful image of a beautiful rose.
    It and everything else.. got watered today!

  3. A really great flower image! We have had some dry heat here, so no luck for the vegetation.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Lovely colors and a beautiful rose. Gorgeous photo! Enjoy your day!

  5. Looks like your typical weather has ended up over here!

    Fantastic shot of that gorgeous flower.

  6. Perfection in that gorgeous rose!

  7. it's a beautiful rose. Suprisingly enough our summer here in Pa which is usually hot and humid has not been too bad. I can even tolerate it.

  8. That is a beautiful rose, appropriate for your city. We've had a relatively cool, dry summer, and after the heat and wildfires of the last two summers, nobody's complaining!

  9. The rose is unbelievable beautiful! Love its delicate colors.

  10. Our weather has been the opposite of yours. I've worn layers all summer indoors and out! I can't grow roses in the mountains, so I'll enjoy yours.

  11. Sweet, beautiful rose. We're in drought mode in California. So, I've been throwing water that I used to wash veggies into the rose bushes and flower patches. :-)
    Take 25 to Hollister


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