Saturday, May 3, 2014

More Backyard Critters

Besides pesky squirrels, we've had other interesting critters visit our backyard this spring.  My hubby keeps a small koi pond, and every year a duck couple takes up residence for a few weeks.

Our ducky couple is back!

It probably helps that the hubby leaves out a small bit of grain to tempt our ducky friends.  These ducks are so used to Roger that they waddle up to the back door and start loudly quacking if the food supply runs dry.  When dear hubby emerges to fill the feeder, these ducks don't go far.  They follow close behind, and once the grain has been poured, eagerly rush in.

Bird feeder visitors

Roger also keeps a few bird feeders in the backyard.  They attract a wide variety of interesting birds.

Pretty bird

The feeder closest to our back window is the best one to watch.  The other day, this lovely colorful bird and his mate decided to stick around.

The female duck wants more food!

Of course, the female part of our ducky duo took notice.  ("Why are those birds getting all the good stuff?")

Another colorful visitor

The birds looked back as if to say: "Nyah, can't have any!"

Our favorite ducks

The ducks sometimes wander underneath our feeders hoping to scoop up any fallen seeds.

Whatcha lookin' at?

This little bird seems to say "Get away ducks - these feeders are OURS!"

Never a dull moment in our backyard!  :)

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  1. You have some really cute backyard visitors, some I have never seen before. Great photos!

  2. Good to have 'never s a dull moment' Great shots and I hope we will see ducklings soon

  3. Lovely shots of the birds. I hope you get ducklings soon. :)

  4. Funny story about the ducks, they have found a good place for the food. Love the warblers, very pretty birds. Thank you for linking up with my critter party.. Happy Sunday!

  5. You have great looking visitors! Hope you take lots of photos of the ducklings!

  6. Beautiful images! Backyard critters offer so many fantastic photo opportunities.

  7. What a great set of backyard birds - nice shots!

  8. Just love the Critters in your backyard! Wild ducks are so fascinating to watch. With the ponds just below our house, I get to watch them all the time but as yet, never been able to get such great shots as these. I will have to keep trying.

  9. Ha I love them all !
    Our little horses said to let you know your grass looks delicious .

  10. I wonder what that little bird is? We just returned to Breck (still 4' of snow in my yard) and found one of those pretty yellow/gray birds dead on our deck. I've never seen a bird like that at my altitude. Must get my bird book! I love the look of the female duck (evil eye - hurry up with the grub). Your dogwood photos in the previous post are fabulous, Linda.

  11. Pretty pictures! I have some resident deer in my backyard.

  12. Love your shots. We rented a house with a fishpond on the outskirts of 'town'that I loved. The first spring, I was tickled when one pair of ducks brought their babies to our pond to swim. The next spring, we had over 80 babies come to our pond for their first swim!

  13. LOVED this! As you well know, I am VERY fond of our native birds. Adore the photo of the bird looking down at his competition:)
    Thanks for posting!

  14. We have a pair of ducks that stop by our pool every year. I'm always so happy to see them. This is the 5th year they've been here.

  15. What lovely critter shots.

  16. Hi,Linda. It's very peaceful scenery.
    The ducks ans a little bird are very cute. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  17. Nice series- I especially liked the first ducks

  18. We have ducks and a similar bird feeder but our birds are different.

  19. Excellent shots of your feathered friends.

  20. Fun shots!
    I'm a serious duck lover!!!


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