Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Flowers

I'm sure everyone is getting tired of seeing my endless posts of white (especially those of you in the eastern US and Canada who are still getting snow).  So to brighten your day, here's a glimpse of what's blooming right now in Northwestern Oregon.

First rhodie bloom!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a bright pink rhododendron flower bursting out of it's bud.  Time to get the camera!

Blossoms from neighbor's tree

One of the trees across the street was abloom in frilly pink blossoms.

More pinkness

Not sure exactly what these are (I told you I'm not a botanist) but I know what I like to photograph.

Our cherry trees are blooming

We have two tiny cherry trees in our backyard that give about a handful of cherries every summer.  But in the spring they sure produce a bumper crop of blossoms.

View over my backyard fence

This is by far my favorite springtime view.  It's over my backyard fence at our neighbor's flowering pink tree (sorry - again I have no clue the species).  The white blossoms are from our Asian pear tree.  The combination of white blossoms and pink flowers is simply gorgeous.  This sight never lasts long enough, so I try to enjoy it while I can.

Asian pear blossoms

And here's some of the white flowers from our Asian pear tree.

Tulip time!

Another great thing about spring is when the tulips bloom.  I love, love, love tulips!  South of Portland there's a huge tulip farm that is very popular to visit this time of year.  But I've been so busy with other outdoor activities I've yet to go.

More tulips

Luckily, we have a few pretty red tulips in our front flower bed that return every year.  So I get my tulip fix satisfied.

My rhodie bush in full bloom

But my most favorite spring flowers by far are the rhododendrons.  They grow in abundance here in the PNW, and by mid-April most of them in town are starting to bloom.

These are my faves

Two weeks after the first photo in this post was taken, our little rhodie bush erupted in lovely pink flowers.  Isn't it gorgeous?

So those of you who are still suffering under winter's icy grip, enjoy some colorful spring scenes on me.  And hang in there - spring is on it's way.  Really! 

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  1. Beautiful photos....Gorgeous color!

  2. Wonderful images.. you really captured their beauty.
    I love the overabundance of flower bling that is everywhere this time of year. I can never get enough!

  3. Nice, we have ha most of our blossom now but still have some apple blossom out

  4. There is nothing to compare with the Spring blossom. We've had no high winds these last couple of weeks so the blossom stayed on the trees for just a little longer. It is good to see that you are not always shrouded in white!

  5. Gorgeous blossoms and flowers.. A reaa treat to the eyes.. The blooms are slow around here. Thanks for sharing yours.. Have a happy week!

  6. OH WOW! Can you tell how jealous I am?

  7. Love the spring blossoms, can't wait! But we can't even grow rhododendrons here unfortunately.

  8. Hi,Linda.Your photos are vbreathtakingly beautiful. There are many beautiful flowers in your area. I like the asian pear blossoms very much. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Beautiful photos! I love that view over your backyard fence. Colours! That's what we need now after a long and hard winter.

  10. Beautiful shots! I loved the view over your fence :)

  11. Flowers are so bright and cheery, enough to lift anyone's mood!

  12. Ooh-la-la!

    We have nothing emerging from the ground yet, and it's frozen & snowing again today. (The poor robins.) I did see little red nubs of rhubarb breaking through the ground last week.
    I'd love to be in your part of the country this time of year.
    Your photos & blooms are a sight for sore eyes, Linda!

  13. Hooray for spring and all the lovely flowers. Yours are wonderful.

  14. Well, I'm trying not to be jealous! The pear trees are blooming in Denver. Surely that's a sign of spring!

  15. No Magnolias here in Chicago yet. Headed to Great Smokey Mountains in a couple of weeks...hoping to catch some flowers there. Thanks for your glimpse of Spring!

  16. Beautiful close-ups! We have an Asian pear tree too and I love the white blossoms!
    I haven't made it to the tulip farm this year either...maybe later this month.
    Have a blessed Easter!

  17. Some pretty flowers- I'm jealous - we had an inch of new snow yesterday morning

  18. Very beautiful flowers - that's one thing I love about the Pacific Northwest.

  19. Linda,
    These are so BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Thank you for sharing them-pinning a few too.
    Happy Easter!

  20. SO beautiful and the view over your back yard fence is spectacular !!

  21. beautiful florals Linda, and maybe the weepy/pink flowers are cherry blossoms? My garden flowers are here (my non-birding blog)

  22. That's a lot of color! I can imagine how giddy you are that spring has sprung!

  23. Linda,
    Your blossom pictures are beautiful. How fun to have such beauty to photograph and share.

    Northwest Oregon must have a milder climate than northwest South Dakota. Our grass is just starting to have a hint of green, no buds, blooms or blossoms yet.

    Happy Easter!

  24. First real autumn weather here - may even light the fire tonight!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  25. They are pretty. I wish I can take cool photos as these someday. #WeeklyTopShot

  26. I don't see how anyone could get bored/tired of flower photos!!!!

    These are ALL stunning Linda.

  27. Love all of the beautiful spring feelings and colors that you have captured! Have a blessed easter! No more mushy skiing for awhile


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