Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Blue'bird, a - Slang term for a day of absolutely ideal skiing weather, with blue skies and perfect powder snow.

Nothin' but blue skies

Okay, so we didn't have powder - but the sky's brilliant color more than made up for the lack of fluffy stuff.  Not bad for the last Thursday in January!

The mountain is out!

And besides, it was a weekday, and I was at the mountain skiing!  Such lovely weather made playing hooky from work that much sweeter.

Dramatic cloud bank below

Teaming up with my usual Thursday ski friend posse, we traveled to the top of Mt. Hood Express and gaped at a cool cloud bank hanging below. The deep blue sky and bright sunshine were a huge contrast to the thick, white fog hanging in the valleys.

My ski buddies

But enough about scenery.  Time to ski!

Lots of long shadows today

Although the day was windy and a little chilly, the endless solar energy seemed to make us feel warmer.

Snow looks better with blue skies

My friends and I traveled over to the Shooting Star Lift, where wide open runs offered nice views of my favorite mountain.  Gotta stop for a photo op or two!

The views can't be beat on Shooting Star Ridge

When searching for places to ski, I'm always paying attention to the number of people on a run.  If a trail is populated with snowriders, I always assume it's because conditions must be good. 

Linda contemplates the clouds

From the lift, we spotted a gully with a bunch of skiers zipping through.  Deciding to give it a try, my friends and I were rewarded with a wonderful trip through some amazingly soft powder.  The winds had blown the loose snow around, and it had all settled into the gully's bottom.

Skiin' down the gully

Glen had an app on his phone that tracked the number of runs, total distance and vertical, and time spent on the slopes.  At the end of the day, it gave us this nice summary.  Eighteen runs and 16,141 feet vertical!  Not too shabby. 

Stats for the day

When the valley is fogged in, it's nice to get up to the mountain for a midweek ski break.  Blue skies and sunshine do wonders for the attitude.  I returned to work Friday, refreshed and cheerful.  Only one day left until the weekend - when I could return for more.  And hopefully another bluebird day!

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  1. Willie Nelson's Blue Skies is one of the happiest songs I know and it's playing in my head as I enjoyed your post - This looks like a very happy day!
    We're just wrapping up a five day weekend - cheers to having beautiful blue sky days off!!

  2. I NEED blue skies just like these!
    Loved your third photo (dramatic cloud bank)!Loved all the beautiful blue...
    PS: More snow for you this week:)

  3. Wow! Very fascinating.Hi,Linda. Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful. If I would be there, how would I enjoy the skiing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, just lovely Linda! The scenery, blue skies and the mountains. What more could a person want..and good snow conditions!!
    Beautiful images, have a happy day!

  5. You must be so fit Linda. those blue skies would give anyone a boost.

  6. Fabulous shots of your ski day! Lovely blue skies indeed! That bank of clouds looks like snow hills.

  7. Really nice to see sunshine! It's been lacking this winter!

  8. Those are some blue skies! The color of the sky up against the white snow really makes for some gorgeous photos. I'm glad you were able to sneak away for a ski break :)

  9. The blue sky looks wonderful. I like the photo: Linda looks at the clouds.

  10. Definitely as lovely as a bluebird! And I'm sure that you were singing a happy song! I love the beautiful glistening snow on a sunshine day!

  11. How great that you can rise above the fog now and then to spend time under blue skies!

  12. Nice work- glad you are getting some good skiing - pretty pictures

  13. Am loving watching all of your skiing activities and the snow and mountain so beautiful! I do miss snow in Texas, but had the privelege of enjoying it all the time I was growing up. You look as if you are having such a great time and what an awesome midweek break. Best to you from Texas!

  14. There's nothing like blue skies, snow, and skiing. I really must start again soon.


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