Thursday, May 9, 2013

Street Art

Bet you never thought of asphalt pavement as an artist's canvas.  But....this week's challenge for the 52 Photos Project is to capture some type of street art.

I was very excited when I saw this meme.  I had just the photo!

Both my kids played instruments in their high school band.  Every spring, one of the band's highlights was marching in the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade (similar to Pasadena's Tournament of Roses parade on a slightly smaller scale).  My husband and I would always watch our kids perform - sometimes sitting along the parade route, and other times by volunteering to march along with the kids, providing water for thirsty musicians.

I always loved helping out.  It was great fun to walk with the band and hear the crowd's cheers.  Of course, this also provided some wonderful photo ops. You can be sure my camera was never left at home.

Since the streets were closed many hours prior to the parade's start, it was a tradition for children of all ages to take sidewalk chalk to the pavement and produce blocks of colorful creations.  I captured this image as the band marched across some very vibrant artwork.  It's remained one of my very favorite photos from our marching band days.

To see more pavement creativity, check out this week's 52 Photos Project.


  1. Love this. The coloured pavement and the movement

  2. I love so much of the art you see in Portland...when one of my sons took me in there to eat I had lots of fun too:)

  3. That is so awesome! I love the chalk art. My husband and I were in marching band together and are big band geeks :) He is actually a music teacher now and has his own marching band!

  4. Bela fotografia...Espectacular....

  5. Wonderful memories, and a colorful photo filled with motion.

  6. Great shot of street art, and the band.

  7. That is a great example to suit the challenge this week!

  8. Very cool shot! :) colorful and full of motion!

  9. very nice image....I love marching bands and street art!


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