Friday, April 12, 2013

Blossoms and Rhodies

While Mt. Hood is still wintry white, down in Portland spring has arrived with full force.  The plants in my yard, sporting green leaves most of the year, have erupted into blossoms of lovely color.  Last week after work, I grabbed my camera and captured some of the beauty.

Size matters!  Click on any photo to enjoy a larger version.

My little rhododendron plant is one of the first to bloom.  I just love it's delicate pink flowers.

There's a flowering pear tree in our front yard.  Usually it doesn't bloom until later in April.  But last week it was covered in frilly white blossoms.

Gettin' up close and personal with my little rhody bush.

Our next door neighbors have the most amazing yard.  It's landscaped with many varieties of flowering trees and shrubs.  This tulip tree towers over the fence between our backyards.  Which is wonderful - I can see it out my kitchen window.  Such a pretty sight!

Some just-opened blossoms on one of our backyard cherry trees.

And, once again, here's my favorite rhody.

None of these flowers last very long.  Already, a week later, most of the blossoms have blown off our pear tree.  And the flowers on my little pink rhody bush are starting to wilt.  I'm thankful for my photography hobby which allows me to preserve these wonderful sights before they're gone until next year.

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  1. Oh Linda--we have something else in common (besides our mutual love of a snow covered Mt Hood that is). I LOVE pink rhododendrons--especially when they are exactly that shade of pink!
    Beautiful, beautiful--thank you for blessing my day:)

  2. Such pretty blooms! It is too bad that they don't stick around for longer, but I definitely enjoy them while they last. I really love tulip trees. They are one of my all-time favorites!

  3. How beautiful to see the trees blossom. That rhodedendron is a wonderful colour.

  4. Still waiting for things to blossom out here in the upper midwest...feels like it'll never happen! I don't remember the last time it took spring this long to arrive. Oh well, I'll enjoy yours until it does!

  5. How lovely -- we are waiting for winter to go away so our blooms can begin to form. Ugh.

  6. Very pretty pics- we had a dusting of snow yesterday morning


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