Thursday, November 29, 2012

Turkey Day

Ahhh.....Thanksgiving.  When you gather the family together and consume the equivalent of two day's worth of calories in one sitting.  Who doesn't love a holiday that revolves around eating?

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In all seriousness, I love this holiday.  My kids always come home, I get to make some of my favorite foods (turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie), and there's no pressure to decorate or buy gifts.  Just cook a big meal, and have the family over to eat it.

Roger cleans the turkey

This year, in addition to having my kids home, my parents decided to visit.  With the additional family members 'round the table, dinner would be extra-special.  I picked out a huge turkey for the occasion, and Thanksgiving morn, recruited Roger to help get it ready.  His task was to clean and season Mr. Tom.

Caught with my hand in the turkey's *ahem*

I got the fun job of shoving stuffing in the turkeys hiney.  A sticky, messy bit of work.  But once ol' Butterball was full, it was into the oven to roast for several hours.  This break in the action provided time for a quick field trip.

Future light rail bridge across the Willamette

I took my folks to downtown Portland's riverfront to show them the new light rail bridge under construction in the Willamette River.  I had a small role in the preliminary engineering phase of this project, so it's fun to see the towers finally rising out of the water.  Plus, the geeky civil engineer in me loves bridges - especially watching one being built (c'mon - who isn't fascinated by huge cranes on floating barges?)

My parents pose on the dock

A bike path on the Willamette's east bank provides a nice observation platform to see the emerging towers.  A short distance down this path is a public boat dock.  Thinking we might be able to get a better look a the bridge construction, my parents and I ventured onto the dock.  To my surprise we were treated to a great view of the downtown Portland skyline.

Downtown Portland skyline

Such a wonderful sight!  The dismal gray light of the day doesn't do this picture justice.  I'll have to come back on a sunny day (or maybe at night to capture the lights).

The turkey is done!

Arriving back home, we were greeted with the wonderful aroma of baking turkey.  An hour or so later, Mr. Tom was finally deemed done.  Roger got out the carving knives, and I swung into action, prepping the side dishes.

Bear hopes for a handout

It's rough being a dog on Thanksgiving.  Poor Bear smelled all those yummy scents - and then had to eat dry dog food!  However, Roger poured some of the turkey stock on his kibble, so Bear didn't entirely go without.

Kitchen spectators

It was so nice to have both my kids home!  And they even posed for a couple photos without complaining (too much).

The table is set

Finally, all the favorite side dishes were prepped and ready to go.  Denise and my mom set the table.  Cody said grace.  It was time to enjoy this great feast!

Time to dig in!

What an amazing dinner.  The turkey actually turned out quite nice.  I gorged myself on turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes.  And then came back for pie.  Oh so good!  Now why don't I make these foods more often?

Mom gets the drumstick

Of course, the most important part of Thanksgiving is it's a reminder to stop and be grateful for all the good things we have.  I'm most thankful for my husband, two great kids, and my parents who are still in good health.  It was wonderful to have them all gathered around my table this Thanksgiving Day.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful AND delicious day :) It's all about the family :)

  2. You have such a beautiful family! I'm glad to hear you all had a chance to visit for the holiday.


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