Thursday, October 18, 2012


Gallery 26 of the 52 Photos Project is up and awaiting your images!  This week's prompt is golden.

Hmmmm......golden.....I pondered my photographic options.  This time of year, there's lots of golden leaves flying around.  But that's just too obvious.  Then I remembered I'd recently earned something golden of my very own.

My lovely finisher's medal

In my haste to get out a post on my Portland Marathon experience, I'd neglected to include a photo of the finisher's medal.  In the many races I've run, this is hands-down the most beautiful medal of them all.  It's heavy-duty, with a lovely etching of a rose on the front (Portland is the "City of Roses"). 

Back view

The backside is even more special to me.  It has an accurate rendition of Mt. Hood (my favorite mountain) and Timberline Lodge.  There's nothing I love more than spending a day up on Hood, be it skiing or hiking.  And T-line Lodge is such a beautifully constructed building in a fantastic setting.  Because 2012 is the 75th anniversary of the opening of Timberline Lodge, I thought it wonderfully fitting to include this Oregon landmark on the reverse side.

Not only is this medal a lovely shade of gold - having it around my neck reminds me of my huge accomplishment.  I might not have been the fastest runner, but I did finish the entire 26.2 miles.  I'm as proud as an Olympic athlete. 

I too, am golden.


  1. Yes, you are and I am so thankful to have found your blog. Your pictures and hike recaps are beautiful. I savor every single word. Keep writing and by all means, keep taking pictures!

  2. That really is quite a lovely medal!

  3. Well done for running all that way, and it is quite a beautiful medal.

  4. Wow - that is really a nice medal...nicer than the ones accumulating in our home. Maybe we need to go to Portland!

    Have you ever run in Eugene? I had a coworker run a few years ago, and I never asked him why he choose to go there.

  5. Golden indeed! Both you and the metal. I visited Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge last July. Absolutely gorgeous! I was with friends. Can't wait to return with my hubby someday!

  6. that is a gorgeous medal wow. I think the medals are one of my favorite reason to do these races. haha

  7. What a beautiful medal. I'm so impressed with you!

  8. Great idea for your Golden post! I love the Timberline Lodge side too!!! Congrats on your accomplishment :)

    To answer your question, there are two Eagle Creeks that I am aware of... the one off the Columbia, and the one off of the Clackamas, which I photographed. I have not been to the Columbia one yet, but have driven past the trailheads often and it doesn't seem hard to find. Looks like its right of I-84.

  9. That is a lovely medal, and well-earned. Congratulations!

  10. Very pretty! Congratulations on the accomplishment!

  11. Thanks for the clarification on your question. The photo I took of Eagle Creek was just taken from Eagle Fern Park, between Estacada and Sandy. There are some short trails around the park, but nothing that I would call a "hike" by any means. :)

  12. Linda, I love this image and the meaning behind it.


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