Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summertime Colors

Week 9's theme of the 52 Photos Project is Summertime Colors.

What comes to mind when I hear these words?  Why flowers of course!  I choose my spring and summer hikes based on where the wildflowers are currently blooming.  Starting in the lowlands of the Gorge, by late summer I've worked my way up to the alpine highlands in the mountains.  Summer is a glorious time to be out in the forest, taking in the lovely greens and colorful floral displays.

And from last weekend's hikes (yes, I did two!) I managed to find lots of color to photograph.  But this photo won the weekly posting honor.  These beauties were blooming just steps from the beach on the Oregon coast.

Do you like it?  Please leave a comment!  Thanks to all who commented last week.

This week's photo gallery can be found here.


  1. Beautiful pink with dew! Thank you for the visit.

  2. Wonderful pic - this week was a fun one for 52 photos.

  3. Wonderful picture.
    Our wild flowers are all but gone now. Datura, a beautiful white flower is the only one that catches attention. Hills are golden and waiting for November rains.

  4. Beautiful photo...Judith, Texas


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