Monday, May 28, 2012

Backyard Bouquet

It's been an extremely busy week and once again I'm behind in my blog postings.  I just returned from a fabulous weekend camping trip to Central Oregon, and have lots of photos and stories to share.  But it's gonna take some time to process and sort through all the images, so to tide you over 'till then, here's a few flower photos from my backyard.

This time of year, our backyard is bursting with color.  Many varieties of flowers are blooming.  One morning last week everything looked so nice, I just had to capture some of it with my camera.  These exquisite purple irises were the first ones that caught my eye.

Paired with an adjacent huge mass of yellow pond lilies, both blooms light up the yard.  My husband has a small koi pond in the back corner. Neighborhood raccoons and a great blue heron cleaned it out of fish long ago, but every spring these gorgeous iris and lilies still bloom. 

I absolutely love the pond lilies.  They're my most favorite flower.  I wait all year just to see them open up and show off their frilly petals. 

Roger also transformed an ugly bare spot in the yard (where my son's greenhouse used to stand) into a dazzling flower garden.  He also plants tomatoes here.  The flowers provide something nice to look at while we're waiting for the tomato plants to grow and produce.

These two-color flowers are especially nice.  And, sorry, I don't know their name (I do not have the green thumb in the family).

I'm so lucky to have a husband who enjoys gardening.  He's transformed our backyard into a beautiful eden.  And all I have to do is get out the camera and enjoy.


  1. I know your camping post will be awesome! Nice flowers - the last one is a columbine.

  2. So pretty. I love seeing all the beautiful flowers blooming:)

  3. Beautiful pictures of beautiful flowers. I only wish one could capture the smell too. :)

  4. The columbine is my favorite


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