Monday, April 30, 2012

More Skiing Photos

I know what you're saying..... oh no, not more ski photos!  But right after I published the last blog post, Young emailed me a whole batch of photos she'd taken from the prior weekend's amazing trip up to Illumination Saddle.

Size matters!  Click on any photo to enjoy a larger version.

John and I on our way up

They were such great photos, I was wishing I would've had them before posting that trip report.  Not only did Young get some fantastic shots - a lot of them were of me! 


Young and I mug for the camera

And, as you know, when you're the one behind the camera, you rarely get in the photographs.

Fixing my blistered heel

So I decided why not just do another post of Young's photos?   So  here is an "addendum" blog post to my Illumination Saddle trip. 


Walking back from taking some photos


Since you've already read the story, this time there will be few words, and many photos (I think most people just look at the images anyway!)

John and I enjoying the view

So relax and enjoy the rest of the pictures.

Oh yeah - I'm in my happy place!

Time to take off the skins!

Not sure what I was doing here - I'm contemplating something

And by the way, after describing the icicle-like snow that we skied through, one of my friends commented "Oh, you skied through some chandelier snow!"


Tele-turns in the shadow of Mt. Hood

Now that I think about it, that's exactly how this snow behaved.  As my skis sliced through the ice crystals, the particles made tinkling sounds, and cascaded down the slope like pieces of broken glass.  I've never seen anything quite like it!

Enjoying the perfect snow

Until next weekend!  :)



  1. The tele-turns shot is AWESOME! So nice to get to see YOU in some of these :) You will be skiing through the summer, won't you? ;-)

  2. Hi Linda, been catching up on your ski-day after your kind words on my blog.
    What a fantastic day with awesome views. Must be fantastic to ski under a clear blue sky. I'm a ski-tourer myself but conditions this winter in the UK were pretty poor so I've not been out on skis. Your story and photos have filled in for me a little
    Many thanks for sharing
    Cheers from a very wet UK!

  3. I admit I mostly look at the images on most of the blogs I read that are to wordy but ones with shorter captions after the shots I do read. Ikerp posting the pics it's always beautiful to see


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