Sunday, March 25, 2012


Although the calendar says it's spring, winter is not over yet in the Oregon Cascades. Not by a long shot. 

Perfect pow run (photo by Grant Myrdal)

For the past couple of years, March has been the month the Cascades receives it's largest amount of snowfall.  This year is no exception.  All last week, Hood got hammered by storm after storm, dumping huge amounts of white, fluffy goods.  The skiers were rejoicing!

No spring here

In many parts of the US, March is when the ski season winds down.  Not true on Mt. Hood.  We're just getting started.  The resorts typically stay open into May.  And at Timberline Ski area, the season lasts most of the summer (and sometimes into September, if we're lucky).   Spring skiing is the best.  Longer days, sunny skies, and tons of snow.  That's what I love about the Pacific Northwest.

Mid-day blue sky surprise

Last Friday was no exception.  I took one last vacation day, and headed up to partake of the newly-fallen snow that had been slamming Hood all week.

Gorgeous frosty trees

I hit the lift right at the 9 am opening.  A large amount of pow had fallen the night before.  Gazing out at the untouched slopes from the lift, it looked like a white canvas ready for a painter's brush.

More lovely white trees

Of course, it didn't take long before that perfect smooth snow was totally tracked up.  I had one opportunity for first tracks, and I messed it up by wiping out and losing a ski.  It took ten minutes of digging through hip-deep powder to locate my wayward plank.  The perils of deep pow!

I never tire of the views
By that time, deep grooves appeared in most every main run at Meadows.  But I was able to find a couple of nice powder stashes in between the trees.  And photographer Grant caught me whipping out of the forest into a nice deep bowl.  Woo-hoo!

There's no place I'd rather be

Some folks have asked if my skiing is nearing the end of the season (maybe they're getting tired of my endless skiing posts!)  But no - the party's just beginning.  As long as the snow keeps falling, I'll keep makin' turns.  I'm hoping to close down Mt. Hood Meadows, and then, I'll continue the fun in the backcountry.  My goal for this year is to surpass my all-time record number of ski days.  Counting today, I'm up to 29.  My previous high mark was 32 days.

I'm gonna blow this record out of the water!  :)


  1. Love your beautiful ski shots. I think you should have a few hooky days to meet that goal. NGO Linda go!!!


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