Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Soggy Ski Day

I should've known better....

Last Thursday's forecast was for snow and 32 degrees at Mt. Hood Meadows. 

Slushy, wet base area

A huge, wet storm was blasting Hood.  But the ski bus was going up, so I went anyway.   Temps hovering at the freezing mark assured the snow would be anything but dry.  Arriving at the ski area, I found 11 inches of slushy, heavy new snow that had the consistency of mashed potatoes.  The howling wind sent visibility down near zero, and whipped large, soggy flakes into my face.

Notice all the equipment in the racks - not on the slopes!

After four attempts to ski down the mountain in the sticky slop, and face-planting most every run, I hung it up for the day.  I never quit skiing before lunchtime - but conditions were downright miserable.  The last thing I wanted to do was injure myself.  I sat in the lodge with my fellow ski bus passengers, drying out, and hoping our ride would leave early.

Modeling the latest in PNW skiing fashions

But some folks are true die-hards.  They just donned the nifty plastic bags Meadows was handing out, and kept on skiing.  Only in the Pacific Northwest do people wear plastic bags and ski in the rain!  But eventually the conditions drove even the most hardy of these snow-riders into the lodge, sporting super-soggy outerwear, and wringing torrents of water from their gloves.

This was hands-down the most miserable ski day I've had in years.  Next time I see a forecast for Hood that predicts moisture and above-freezing temps, I'm staying home!


  1. This sounds like a fiasco right up my alley! Wet snow? I can sympathise as that sounds pretty lousy! Full marks to the people who persisted, as even I would've headed for the bar :)

  2. Anyway the colorful skis look nice against the gray background

  3. LOL - love the plastic bag ski wear! Sorry to hear it was such a miserable day.

  4. Oh man. What a bummer:( I hope there will be better skiing soon!


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