Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ski Hooky

Last Thursday my ski bus was scheduled to go up for it's first trip of the season.  I asked for the day off from work, and all week long looked forward to a day of skiing.

Morning mountain view

But Dixie, my bus mom, emailed me Wednesday with bad news.  Not enough people signed up to ride the bus, so Thursday's trip was cancelled.

Lots of bare patches - we need more snow!

Hood hasn't received any new snow since Thanksgiving, and the temps have been above freezing every day since.  A sure-fire recipe for a dwindling snowpack, the slopes were starting to look mighty bare.  Bad snow equals no skiers.  That's probably the main reason there wasn't enough people to fill the bus.

Gettin' ready to unload

Now I had a decision to make - go to work, or take the day off and go skiing anyway?  I had tons of work to do, and my conscience told me I really needed to get some of it done.  I also knew the snow conditions wouldn't be great.  I really shouldn't burn a vacation day for so-so skiing.  I debated the go-no go question all day Wednesday, and by the time I left work still didn't have a firm decision. 

Lookin' down elevator shaft

I read books during my daily commute to and from work.  My current book is "Mile Markers" by Kristin Armstrong (a most excellent read-highly recommended!).  On the train home that evening, I came across a passage in this book that really made an impact.  The author was discussing her fear in trying a trail race.  Her friend, attempting to talk her into the race, said when on the fence about a decision, she applies the rocking chair test.  The test is asking yourself the question "When you are old and sitting in a rocking chair talking to your grandchildren, how would you want to tell the story?"

No lift lines whatsoever!

Hmmmm......No one on their deathbed ever wished they'd spent more time at work.  Reading that paragraph made my decision - the h*$# (heck) with work, I was going skiing!

Slopeside self portrait

Thursday morning, I packed up the car, and made the drive to Mt. Hood.  The Portland Metro area was still in the midst of an inversion, so although it was cold and cloudy at home, warm and sunny skies greeted me upon my arrival.  Did I make the right decision?  Oh yeah!

Could the day be more perfect?

And, yes the snow wasn't perfect, but I still had a ton of fun.  The sun softened things up, so I was encountering corn snow by mid-morning.  After a week of cold, gray skies, the blue sky and sunshine was a most welcome sight.  It was sunglasses weather for sure!  And best of all, lift lines were non-existent.

Mt. Jefferson dominates the view

At lunchtime, I texted my ski-buddy Kim, stuck back at the office.  I told her how awesome the weather was and that I was having a great time.  Kim sent back a response all right, but I won't share it here (let's just say she used the b-word!)

Time to bring out the sunglasses!

So, yes I had a wonderful time playing ski hooky.  I have absolutely no regrets with my decision to skip work and go skiing.  I had fun making laps on corn snow with slopes practically empty of people.  A happy day in the sun!

And years from now, when I'm sitting in my rocking chair talking to my grandchildren, I can finish the story by telling them that I went skiing.


  1. Good for you! You definitely made the right decision:)

  2. The views from your slopes are awesome - we have NOTHING even close to that on the slopes here in the midwest. You made the right choice - that's the one I'd have picked as well!

  3. I wish I could play hookie and go skiing!!! Nearest slopes to me are a good 5 hour drive. And I bet the conditions are worse then yours. I'm jealous...If you had sent me a message I might have used the b-word too.

  4. ahhh sounds like a perfect day for you and some great shots too


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