Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Historic Meeting

My brother Ron has been married to his wife Tonya since 2002.  In all that time, Tonya has never met my hubby.  I know that sounds strange, but the times I've visited Ron and Tonya, Roger has always had a conflict, and wasn't able to make the trip.  Ron and Tonya have never been out to Oregon to see us (but they have three young boys, not exactly easy travelers).

Tonya would always tease me about Roger.  She'd say "Are you sure your husband is for real?  How do I know he exists?"  One time I had Roger talk to Tonya on the phone, just to prove that he was an actual person.  After he'd finished, I got back on the line and Tonya asked me "Who is the actor you hired to be your husband?"  Roger, for his part would tell me "How do I know Tonya exists?"  It became a running family joke. 

Together at last!

 But with the date of my parents 50th anniversary party nearing, it looked like the planets would align for a historic meeting between brother- and sister-in-law.  Roger commented that it would be Murphy's law he'd be called to China at the last minute, or Tonya wouldn't be able to come.

But both parties made the trip, and the two family members, once strangers to each other, were finally able to meet.  My brother Ron was on the ball, and captured the event on video.  (I, however, didn't even think to have my camera at the ready and missed a photo op of the entire thing!)

Not only was Roger introduced to his sister-in-law for the first time, he also got to meet all three of their boys.  Roger has an uncanny resemblance to the cartoon character Mario, of the Mario Brothers video game.  Many people have commented on this similarity.  Our nephews immediately picked up on Roger's look-alike, and from that moment on, Roger became "Uncle Mario."  As a matter of fact, by day four he'd been promoted to "Uncle SUPER Mario."

So Roger and Tonya are no longer strangers.  Hopefully there will be more opportunities for them to get together again.  Tonya, you need to come out and visit us in Oregon next year!


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