Friday, May 20, 2011


Spring is a beautiful season here in Portland.  Beginning in early March continuing through June, flowers abound.  The bloom progresses depending upon tree and plant species, so that there is always something flowering throughout the spring. 

Rhodies in our front yard

Around early March, the cherry trees start things out.  Delicate pink blossoms can be found everywhere.  Daffodils push slender stalks out of the soil, and display their glorious golden yellow flowers.

Light pink rhodies

In April, colorful tulips pop up everywhere.  The rhododendron bushes start to bloom.  The flowering pear tree in our front yard bursts into frilly white blossoms.

Our lone tulip

April also brings buds on the trees.  New leaves burst from their branches in neon-bright shades of green.  After a gray, rainy winter, it is a welcome sight.

Our neighbor's yard has these cute bleeding heart flowers

April brings blossoms on the fruit trees.  Our backyard apple trees sport lovely white flowers and rosy pink buds.

Flowers on our apple tree

Then in May come the multi-colored azalea blooms and, my favorite of all, the dogwood trees.

Pink dogwood blossoms

The dogwood trees open up with their lovely pink and white flowers.  Dogwood trees can be seen flowering all over town.  Dogwood blooms are so wonderful to see as I'm driving or walking along the street.

White dogwood flowers reach for the sky

Although we don't have a dogwood tree in our yard, there are several in our neighborhood.  I've even spied dogwood trees growing wild in the Gorge, and along the freeway.

Isn't this the most beautiful flower?

So if you live in Portland, enjoy the season.  Flowers are our reward for enduring the winter's endless rains (especially this year!).   After so many dark, dreary days, we've earned it!

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  1. We've had a cold and dreary spring. These photos of such gorgeous flowers are really cheering me up!


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