Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Favorite Ski Trail Names

Every ski area I know assigns a name to each of their trails.  There are lots of conventions used in naming runs.  Some are geographical, some are historical, some are named after famous persons, and some are totally unimaginative (take the bowls off of Mt. Hood Express at Meadows, One Bowl, Two Bowl, Three Bowl get the idea).  There are a lot of "strong" names, such as Thunderbird, Olympian, Powder Keg, and Show-off.  There are some silly names, which are usually green runs on the bunny hill (like Marshmallow and Buttercup).  And then there are some names that make you say "what were they thinking?" (For example, Dentist's Way)

Some ski trail names that rate among my favorites:  Chunky Swirly at Mt. Hood Meadows.  It's very fitting, because this run is usually bumped up and it trips up a lot of beginning and intermediate skiers.  You always see lots of bodies sprawled across it's slopes.  Oh Shoot at Mt. Hood Skibowl.  Although I've never actually skied this run, some day I want to!  And White Lightning at Schweitzer.  The name makes you feel super-fast as you blast down it's slopes. I like the run too, one of my favorite long steep trails.

But my two favorite trail names (so far) are..... (drumroll)....... number 2......

Wingles Wiggle at Timberline.  The name just makes you laugh!  And yes, it can be taken many ways. 

But my most favorite trail name is....... (another drumroll) ......

Kathy's Yard Sale at Schweitzer.  The first time I saw this trail sign, I almost died laughing.  Who hasn't done a yard sale at least once in their skiing lifetime?  I'm sure there's a great story behind this name, and someday I'd love to hear it!

Have any of you seen a great ski trail name?  Please comment on this post and let me know your favorite. Give me the name of the run and the ski area where it is located.

Happy skiing!


  1. I am going to have to think about my favs, but I will send you some! Great post!

  2. A "yard sale" is when someone falls and their equipment flies all over the place.


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