Saturday, December 18, 2010

Everyone's Home!

For the first two weeks of December, I was home alone with only the dog for company.  Roger had to travel to China for his work.  The kids were both away at their respective colleges.  It was a lonely couple of weeks.

Family puzzle time

But then - yahoo! - everyone came home.  First Denise on Friday.  Then Roger on Tuesday.  He got sick with a massive ear infection that delayed his return home by three days (his doc said absolutely no flying until his ear improved).  And then Cody surprised us when he came home one day early on Thursday.

Everyone set right to work helping Denise finish her really, really hard puzzle.  I had to take a photo of everyone gathered 'round the table, searching for the right puzzle piece.  In the above photo, you can see Cody and Denise trying to avoid being photographed by their mother!

It is wonderful to have my family home again. 


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