Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cody's Home!

Two weeks ago Roger and I traveled to Missoula to help Cody move back home.  Cody is starting a new chapter of his life.  He's been accepted at Mt. Angel Seminary here in Oregon, and will be studying to become a priest (or as Denise says, he's going to "priest school").  He begins his classes on August 23rd.  Mt. Angel is only about 40 miles away, and I'm excited that Cody will now be much closer to home!

A parting gift from Cody's friends

Cody's friends in Missoula gave him a nice going-away barbecue.  He got a couple of fun parting gifts, such as the bumper sticker shown in the photo above.  And because Cody likes to cook, one of his friends made him a black apron, complete with a belt and clerical collar!

So we now have all of Cody's stuff stored in the garage and his old room.  But we get to enjoy having Cody around for three weeks before he ships out to "priest school". 

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