Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Chubby Chipmunk Experience

I've discovered a candy store in Deadwood, South Dakota that has truffles to die for!  It's called the "Chubby Chipmunk."  And you know me, if it's chocolate, I'll be there with bells on!

Me and Chubby Chipmunk

When in was in SD in early June, Susan and I traveled to Deadwood to get our race packets.  Susan mentioned the Chubby Chipmunk and told me all about their wonderful truffles.  Susan is such a regular customer, she has her own punch card!  We decided to stop by after packet pick-up.  (Didn't have to twist my arm too hard!)

Sign inside the shop - this is my new motto!

But, alas, when we arrived at the shop, it was closed for the day.  Bummer!  However, I discovered that the Chubby Chipmunk provides a truffle vending machine outside the store.  This way their customers are able to purchase truffles 24/7.  I have seen many types of vending machines, but never one that dispenses truffles!

The "Chub-o-Matic" vending machine

The vending machine sold the truffles for $2 each, and would only accept one dollar bills.  So we dug through our purses, and came up with four ones.  Enough for two truffles.  Better than nothing at all!

Purchasing my truffle

My niece Alisha bought the first truffle.  Then I inserted my bills into the machine.  I punched the number that corresponded to my truffle of choice.  But when I pulled open the door to grab my purchase, there was no truffle.  The machine had apparently run out of that particular flavor.  I didn't even notice that the shelf was empty before I input its number.  Denied!


So I ended up going home without any Chubby Chipmunk chocolate.  However, during the 4th of July weekend, I traveled back to SD.  First on my "to-do" list was visting the Chubby Chipmunk.  I told my sis we needed to make a return trip.  And so we did.  This time the shop was open for business.

Denise geta a vending machine treat

Not only was I able to purchase a box of their delicious (and very beautiful) truffles, I also made a successful purchase from the Chub-o-Matic vending machine.  And I made doubly sure there was a truffle waiting on the shelf before I punched in its number!

Aren't these the most beautiful truffles?

Their truffles were almost too pretty to eat - well, almost!  Above is a photo I took of our box of truffles, before they got devoured. (Notice the half truffle - someone got a head start on one of them!)

So I have now experienced the candy shop that is the Chubby Chipmunk.  And I think it will become a regular stop whenever I visit my hometown.

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