Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Denise!

In early March, my daughter Denise turned 20.  I can't believe my youngest child (my baby!) is no longer a teenager.  Denise came home from college for her birthday weekend.  So Roger and I got to spoil Denise on her B-day.

Denise got a cheesecake for her birthday cake.  What could be better?

Lighting twenty candles!

The candles are out - it's time to sample the cake!

Flowers for the birthday girl!

This is probably the last birthday we'll get to celebrate with Denise.  She's already informed us that she will not be celebrating next year's B-day with us!  (Gee, I wonder why??)

Happy Birthday Denise!  Your Dad and I are proud of the wonderful young lady you've become.


  1. i think you mean without you guys not with you lol

  2. bearbunney = Denise


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