Thursday, October 15, 2009

Green Line Opening Day

September 12, 2009 was opening day for the MAX Green Line.  It was a big day for my colleagues at TriMet, and for everyone who has worked on this project.  I came onto the project in September 2005, and at the time, thought the 2009 completion date was eons away!  Well, it's amazing how fast time flies --- here I am in 2009 watching the Green Line open to the public.

The day began at the Clackamas Town Center Station.  All of us who worked on the project were invited to ride the ceremonial first train into downtown Portland.  Here's some of the participants boarding the train for the ride.

Rob Barnard, TriMet's director for the Mall project, smiles through the window of the MAX train as we travel on the Green Line towards downtown.

Our journey ended at the PSU Urban Plaza, where TriMet had set up a stage for the ceremonies.  A drumline, and PSU cheerleaders greeted us as we exited the train.

We then listened to the many congratulating words from the local politicians.  Above, Portland Mayor Sam Adams praises the project.  I was happy to hear Sam personally thank Teresa, my coworker, and the City's project manager for the Green Line project.  She has worked so hard and made many tough decisions --- it was well-deserved recognition!

Congressman Earl Blumenauer sings the praises of mass transit under the large "Green Means Go" banner.

Teresa and I pose for a photo in front of the stage.  I thought we made a good team!

Teresa introduced me to Portland Mayor Sam Adams.  Sam was gracious enough to pose for a couple of photos.

It was very satisfying for me to see a project I'd worked on for four years come to completion.  It was great to see the trains carrying passengers gliding through downtown Portland.  Teresa and I are already deep into the preliminary engineering for the next light rail project -- Portland to Milwaukie.  I look forward to the opening day of this project --- 2015 seems like a long ways away, but I'm sure it will be here before I know it!

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