Sunday, July 12, 2009

Green Line First Ride

June 30th was a proud day for my colleagues at TriMet. The newest MAX light rail line, the Green Line, gave its first ride for dignitaries and those of us that had worked on the project. We boarded a set of brand new train cars at PSU bound for our destination - Clackamas Town Center!

The train rounds a corner, heading for the Glisan ramp of the Steel Bridge. The passengers cheered as we cleared the switch onto the bridge.

Upon our arrival at the Clackamas Town Center Station, I posed for a photo with the new type 4 MAX light rail train. I give these trains, and the Green Line, a big "thumbs-up!"

View of the Clackamas Town Center platform from the top story of the new parking garage.

A crowd gathers to celebrate the completion of a great transit project. There were speeches from politicians, and lots of smiles. It was a proud moment for all of us who had worked on this project.

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